Grants Management Software

GivingTrax Grants Management System is easy to use cloud software for managing grantmaking. You can manage all grants with one easy-to-use dashboard. GivingTrax is a complete grants management system.

Grants Management Software

  • Full Automation of Grants Management Process
  • Charity Vetting Including Links to I-990 Tax Records
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • Robust Analytics & Reporting
  • Email Alerts for New Requests
  • Easy to Share Among Committee
  • Fulfillment Tracking
  • Export Data to Excel for Analysis

Create Profile & Eligibility Criteria

Focus your time on grants that will most likely be approved. Set eligibility criteria and, optionally, turn on system-generated auto-declines to streamline your grants management process.

Set specific grantee eligibility criteria including type of organization, geographic areas served and many more parameters.   

Streamline the process for grantees that meet your criteria with an easy-to-use intuitive application process.

Flexible Grants Management Criteria:

  • Geo-location data and geography served
  • Types of Grantee Organization
  • Cause Categories
  • Use of Funds including Disaster Response and geography where funds will be used
  • Eligibility timeline (e.g. how many requests per year)

Need Multi-Year Grants Management? ...We Got You Covered!

Save time and focus on grant applications that best align with your corporate goals with auto-scoring.  Optionally, auto-system decline scores outside of the desired range.

Easily track, search, and filter grant applications based on various criteria.

Enjoy the reassurance of setting corporate controls, when delegating regional grant requests.

Role-based Admin – Assign admin access based on roles, department or workflow step.  Set admin limits including approval thresholds and budgets.

Engage your team and committees to collaborate on grant evaluations.  Delegate read, comment and recommend access to committees.  Easily tally votes.

 GivingTrax includes flexible grants management workflow using an easy-to-use setup configuration tool allowing steps to be added or removed with a click of your mouse. 

An easy-to-use admin dashboard allows grant administrators to:

  • View Requests
  • Edit Details
  • Print Request
  • Email Request
  • Upgrade to Multi-year  
  • Comment, Score
  • Approve, Decline, Defer
  • Select Budgets
  • Attach Documents
  • Track Fulfillment & Social Impact

Set & track budget allocations across all programs.  Easily identify grants not yet assigned to budgets. Drill down into budget status reports & meters to view and export underlying data. 

Easily see all related transactions in a multi-year commitment. View total grant, amount funded to date and remaining obligation. Set future trigger dates & receive automatic reminders on outstanding transactions. 

Ensure grants are funded in a timely manner with fulfillment tracking, auto-invoicing and flexible payment options. 

Advanced real-time reporting provides easy-to-read visual graphs and drill-down capability allowing users the ability to drill down into report details to see & export the underlying data.

Ensure compliance and charity vetting with links to publicly available information and attached validation documentation.    View government issued certification letters, current charitable tax status and prior tax returns.  Easily add foreign corrupt practices act criteria in application forms with certifications by applicants.

Mitigate risk with optional GivingTrax disbursement services that include checking against terrorist watch lists.

Ensure grant applicants receive a timely response with configurable automated and personalized system messages for acknowledgment, approvals, defers and declines.     

Flexible notification settings ensure your team receives reminders as needed.

Easily view and track applicant communication throughout the process including related documents and attachments.  Document settings allow you to choose what to share with the grantee or to keep private for internal use only.

Automatically create fulfillment documents and agreements with an easy-to-use forms builder.

Grantees will enjoy a common portal to create & share their organization’s profile, create an organization page and access grants submitted by their organization to any member company of GivingTrax.

Grantee Profile & Public Page

To enhance the experience for the grantee, each organization in GivingTax has the ability to create and share a re-usable profile and public page.  The grantee profile and page details allow for additional vetting.

The organization profile includes information about the organization, their government issued Tax ID number, scanned validation documents, certifications or accreditation(s),  conflict of interest policies, and a complete history of all their prior tax returns.

Grantee Profiles Include:

  • Type of Organization
  • Who They Are
  • What They Do
  • Who They Serve
  • Summary of Social Impact
  • Mission Statement
  • Tax Records
  • Validation Documents
  • Board of Directors
  • List Item
  • Leadership
  • Organization History
Branded Pages for Applicant Submissions

Branded Pages for Application Submissions

Share corporate grant eligibility requirements transparently on a fully customizable branded page. GivingTrax branded pages allow you to accept and process grant applications without the need to update your company website.

For a fully branded experience, embed your GivingTrax page or create a link to your branded application form directly on your website.

Branded Applicant Forms

Extend your brand experience with a configurable forms builder to create fully branded grant application forms.  Configurable application templates focused on best practices speed up deployment. 

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