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Company Registrations

Free 30-day Trial on Request

Company Registrations

Free 30-day trial available for corporate and community giving programs, in-kind donations, employee matching gifts and employee volunteerism.

If you are searching for a solution to manage CSR or employee programs for your company, choose this option.

Industry Associations

Industry Associations may connect to members to gain insight into the cumulative impact of your membership.
Contact us to setup membership as an Industry Association or to learn more.

Employees of Members

If you are an employee of a member company, and are not yet registered to use GivingTrax, select this option.

After registering, visit your company’s GivingTrax page and click to connect as an employee.

You will receive a notice when you are approved by your company administrator and able to access employee programs.

Need to Claim a Cause?

If you are registering to claim a cause, school or to fundraise, please see below.

Claiming a Cause, School or Fundraising??

GivingTrax has several types of user registrations.
If you are registering to claim a cause, school or are fundraising for one, please click here for information and registration.