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Employee Workplace Giving Campaign Software

Engage your workforce with easy-to-use employee workplace giving campaign software.
Increase participation by providing a mobile experience,
flexible payment options, pledge tracking, and speed to impact.

Elevate Your Employee Workplace Giving Campaigns with an Easy-to-Use
Mobile Dashboard
The mobile responsive dashboard for employees provides visibility into total commitments, recurring payments and method, next payment dates and empowers employees with the ability to make updates over time.
Increase Participation
by Offering a Consumer Experience for Workplace giving
Ensure the Success of YOUR
Employee Workplace Giving Campaigns by Empowering Employees to Make Changes to Pledge Commitments

Employee Workplace Giving Program
Campaign Management Software

GivingTrax offers a complete all-in-one cloud software solution for employee workplace giving programs,
including pledge management, flexible payment options, configurable program management and
an easy-to-use mobile experience for employees.

Save Time

Save time with a tool that is easy to administer.  Increase participation in employee workplace giving campaigns by offering employees flexible payment options and the ability to manage pledges over time.  Gain insight into what employees care about and their social impact using MyTrax social sharing.

Increase Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement by supporting what your employees care about.  Support and how and when they want to give back.   Increase engagement by responding to world events quickly including Disaster Relieve Campaigns and Match Challenges.

Amplify Impact

Amplify the impact of employee workplace giving programs by adding matching gifts.  Streamline the experience with an easy-to-use integrated tool.  

Not sure how?  See “How to Start an Employee Matching Gifts Program“.

Increase Participation

Increase employee workplace giving participation with a mobile ready tool available anywhere, on any device, to support employee workplace giving when it’s handy for them.

Support causes employees care about, including international giving.

Employee Workplace Giving

Feature Summary

Flexible Pledge Options:

  • Giving by Payroll, EFT, e-check, and  Credit Cards
  • One-Time, Recurring
  • Self-Pledge Management

Campaign Administration:

Campaign setup configuration tools provides easy-to-use,  flexible administration of workplace giving campaigns including management of:

  • Eligible Recipient Organizations
  • Campaign Goals
  • Optional Matching Gifts
  • Flexible Employee Dashboard Capabilities and Experience


  • Robust visual reports with drill-down capability place the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Interactive reporting allow deep dive data analysis.
  • One-click export to download data to CSV file and Excel.

Flexible Funding Options:

Streamline back-end processing with flexible fulfillment options.

Recipient Organization Portal:

Recipient Organizations, United Way agencies and Federations save time by using a common dashboard portal.

Social Sharing:

MyTrax allows employees to collect & share impact stories.

Crowd Source Your Social Impact

employee workplace giving software

MyTrax Pages Make it Easy for Employees to Share their Impact

Ever wonder what your total impact is? 

Crowd Source employee workplace giving impact stories to easily see & share your total impact.   Allow employees to create their own MyTrax page, then post & share their activity, photos & impact with you.

Share internally,  on your GivingTrax page, or on your website.