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About GivingTrax

About Us

GivingTrax is a modern, cloud-based software that allows businesses, employees, foundations, and retirees to seamlessly and efficiently manage charitable giving and sponsorships.

Our mission is to enable organizations to build stronger relationships with their communities by simplifying the management of their philanthropic efforts.

We understand the unique challenges that businesses and non-profit organizations face in managing multiple giving and sponsorship programs, which is why we designed GivingTrax to be user-friendly and intuitive with a wide range of configurable capabilities, such as donation tracking, grants management, volunteer management, employee giving, matching and reporting – all from a common user interface.   In a nutshell, we help make your job easier.

Using configurable software, GivingTrax offers ease of implementation in a way that speeds up deployments and reduces costs.   

We are passionate in our support of clients and their needs.  We believe in partnerships and strive to become a trusted advisor.  As a GivingTrax customer, you can depend on us not only during the initial implementation, but as an ongoing part of your team.   Towards that end, GivingTrax offers the full spectrum of software capabilities and support services to ensure your programs succeed.

At GivingTrax, we are passionate about giving back to our communities and promoting a culture of philanthropy. We believe that by supporting the causes that matter most, we can make a meaningful difference in the world.

We hope to inspire and empower organizations to amplify their giving impact and to advance our collective social good.  We hope you will join us.

GivingTrax Celebrates
13 Years
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Diversity and Inclusion

At GivingTrax, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, appreciated and celebrated for their unique perspectives and experiences.

We believe that diversity brings creativity, innovation and better decision making, which ultimately leads to success for our company and our employees.

Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion starts from the hiring process and extends throughout the entirety of our organization.  We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, from recruitment and hiring to training and development, from policies and practices to employee engagement and communication.

We strive to create a workplace where everyone feels heard, respected and encouraged to bring their whole selves to work. We will continuously seek to learn and grow, to challenge biases and prejudices, and to embrace new ideas and perspectives from all backgrounds. We believe that diversity is not just a box to check, but a fundamental value that drives our business and our culture.

Our History

GivingTrax was founded in 2010 and offers cloud software to manage, track and share the full spectrum of corporate and community giving programs, grants, sponsorships, in-kind donations, employee matching gifts and employee volunteerism.

From humble beginnings, we have grown to support organizations throughout the world.