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GivingTrax offers tiered cloud software pricing to meet the needs of any size business including:

Software Editions:

  • Entry Community Edition 
  • 3 Month Campaign License
  • Pro Edition Starting at $250/month 
  • Enterprise Edition Starting at $995/month

Optional Items:

  • Tiered Pricing for Employee Programs:
    • Pro:  Up to 2,500 Employees (250 in Base)
    • Enterprise:  Unlimited (2,500 in Base) 
  • Additional Locations / Programs / Admin’s:
    • Pro:  Up to 50 (First 5 in Base)
    • Enterprise:  Unlimited (20 in Base)
  • Data Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Distribution Services
  • Fully Managed Service

Pricing is based on the number of programs, locations, admins and number of employees for employee giving & volunteerism programs. 

We kindly ask that you please contact us to receive a specific quote.