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In-Kind Item and Product Donation Software

Brands, Retailers, Restaurants, Casinos, and Sports Franchises
use GivingTrax Cloud Software to manage in-kind product donations, and experiences.
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Track & Share the Impact of In-kind Product Donations

GivingTrax powers In-Kind Donation Programs
with easy to use software to manage donation requests for items, products and experiences


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One In-Box

Are you receiving in-kind donation requests by mail, phone, email, fax and in person?
You will love GivingTrax.

Increase Transparency

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Branded Pages

Create and share a branded page to describe the eligibility criteria. Keep your page fresh with live feeds as activity takes place.

Share Your Impact

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Impact Stories

Collect thank-you stories, then aggregate and share your total impact across all company locations.

Ensure Timely Responses

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Improve Engagement

Redirect donation requests to an easy-to-use consumer-friendly application, accessible from your branded page or website.

Intuitive Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard allows managers to view in-kind item requests, add pre-configured items to donate and quickly approve applications meeting your crieria.

GivingTrax makes it easy to support to nearby schools and community organizations.

In-Kind Product Donations - Home Depot

Support for Many Store Locations

Set Corporate Controls, Empower Local Store Managers

For the first time, brands are able to manage & track everything they do, even when it occurs at the store level.

With GivingTrax Pages, simply toggle on a drop-down chooser to direct the inquiring nonprofit, school, or community organization to choose their nearest store location, then start their application.  

Cloud Software enables central oversight and the ability to manage in-kind product and item donation requests at the store level. 

The GivingTrax forms builder and branding tools allow you to offer a seamless brand experience for in-kind item and product donations.

GivingTrax allows larger box stores and brands to easily manage multiple locations. Menu selection options allow you to create a master profile and criteria for in-kind item donations across all the locations in your company.  Easily add a library of items you donate and certificate templates for experiences.

Configurable criteria include eligible recipient organizations, geo-location, who may request an item, and what in-kind item(s) they may request. Create a master profile, and then clone it for all store locations.

Intuitive Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard allows store managers to view and approve local requests for donations and sponsorships to nearby schools, nonprofits, and community organizations.

GivingTrax offers the ability to set corporate controls across all store locations, then authorize local store managers to access their specific store. 

Set approval limits and select whether to allow store managers to add additional users.

Central Oversight

Central oversight allows you to set policies and gain insight into donations across all locations.

In-kind item donation software includes robust features including the ability to:

  • Create a Library of Eligible In-Kind Items or Products
  • Set and Track Store Budgets
  • Authorize Administrative Users by Store
  • See all Stores or Filter to Specific Store
  • Group Stores into Regions
  • Reassign Requests to Another Store or Location
  • Replicate Criteria with One-Click
  • Receive Email Alert Notifications for New Requests
  • Create & Save Messages Templates
  • Automatically Send Applicable Message to Applicants.  
In-kind product food donation tracking


Save time by creating a master profile and then clone your profile for each desired location. Next, replicate your donation & sponsorship criteria for in-kind item donation programs to all store locations with a single click.

You can even modify the criteria at the store-level for those one-off situations. Any time you make a change, it can be replicated to all managed store locations instantly.

To update content on your public pages, just update your master profile page, then clone the updates to all store locations – or choose to publish one master page. All locations roll-up to your master profile so you can view and selectively share your total impact across all store locations.

Set In-kind Item Donation Criteria

Create your in-kind item donation program with an easy-to use setup dashboard.  In-kind item donation eligibility criteria includes:
Permissions may also be set for who may ask for a donation:

Giving Zones with Geo-Location

Set Criteria Using Geo-Radius or Zip Codes.

Flexible Options

Mile Radius Method

Zip Code Method

Consumer Engagement for In-Kind Donations

Branded Pages

Your public page in GivingTrax tells your community support and social impact story. Share your programs and collect impact stories from the recipient organizations. The best part of GivingTrax is you are able to control all the content.

Your branded page is a combination of content you enter using easy-to-use content boxes and dynamic content that updates your page as activity takes place in the system. For large chains, you may activate a drop-down chooser to direct inquiring organizations or individuals to choose their nearest store location. Your page shares your total impact, total donations and aggregates all activity across all store locations. For the first time, brands are able to manage & track everything they do, even when it occurs at the store level.