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Employee Social Sharing Software

Encourage goodness programs though social sharing of employee giving, volunteerism and volunteer events.

MyTrax Pages

Encourage employee goodness programs by activating the MyTrax page. MyTrax pages allow employees to create & share their social impact.  Employees are empowered to share as much or as little as they like. 

Share to Social Media
Empower employees to share with one another and to their favorite social media channels.

Increase Engagement with Social Sharing of Goodness Programs

Activate Social Sharing Software

Empower employees to post & share their charitable giving and volunteerism activity.

Set Sharing Permissions

Enable employees to choose what & how to  share.  Options include on their personal dashboard, page or to social media.

Crowd Source your Impact Stories with MyTrax

MyTrax Crowd Sources your Social Impact

Straight from the source, your employees and the organizations they help. It doesn’t get any easier than using MyTrax to track and share your total impact – your collective impact – of all employee volunteerism across your company.

MyTrax encourages employees to post or collect their own impact stories. Employees can check the box to share these impact stories with you. When the employee chooses to share their stories with you, the posts and impact stories will be visible on your GivingTrax page, in a dynamic content area called: Employees in Action™

Crowdsource the impact you and your employees are making in the community with live streams to your branded page.

When used with GivingTrax, you have the ability to publish and share your total impact across all company locations. Your branded page, including impact stories and employee volunteerism hours, is updated automatically. You can hide a post from your company page and can embed your branded page on your own website.

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Branded Pages

Create and share a customized page that reflects your brand image and employee programs. 

GivingTrax allows you to share your company’s impact with real-time updates to your page.   

Crowd source your impact stories by encouraging employees to post and share.

GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact as it unfolds. 

We invite you to join GivingTrax.

It only takes a few minutes to get started!