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Employee Matching Gifts Software

Cloud software to create and manage Employee Matching Gifts Programs.
 Increase employee loyalty by matching donations to causes they support.

Double the Impact
Employee Matching Gifts Software

GivingTrax empowers employees to track and share charitable giving.

Employees love the ease of donating & requesting matching gifts.  

Extend your impact further by allowing employees to see  match challenges offered by other members of the GivingTrax community. 

Set employee dashboard controls to lock down or allow employees to participate in the boader GivingTrax Community.   

Employee Matching Gifts Software

Empower Employees with a Consumer Experience

Employee Matching Gifts Programs

Empower Employees with a Consumer Experience

GivingTrax offers employees an intuitive consumer experience for Employee Matching Gifts Programs and Employee Volunteerism.  

When employees depart, they are able to maintain access to their personal dashboard.   Their giving history, volunteerism activity, photos, and impact stories remain intact on their dashboard. 

Employees can even continue their pledged giving by credit card.

How does GivingTrax work?

GivingTrax Disburses Donations in 2 hours

In a mobile world where everything is at our fingertips,

speed to social impact is mandatory. 

Corporate Controls
Matching Gifts Programs

Flexible Program Administration

Employee Matching Gifts Program Administration Includes:

Corporate Controls

Administer Employee Experience and Capabilities.

Easily restrict matching program to eligible recipient organization using various criteria or import your list of authorized recipients.

Standard configuration criteria are available for selecting items such as geographic location, cause category, standing and charitable status. 

Extend your brand image to employee dashboards with easy-to-use GivingTrax styling controls. Learn More

Create specific matches for a cause you care about. Encourage employees to give to company-sponsored matches by optionally, excluding them from employee annual caps.

Program Administration to fundraise for causes your employees care about. Save time & deploy faster with an easy-to-use administrative dashboard. 

Understand your impact and causes your employees care about with advanced reporting including drill-down and the ability to download data are standard capabilities.

Configure and set desired workflows for each program.  GivingTrax is flexible so you don’t have to be.

A Community of Businesses and Employees Changing the World

GivingTrax is a Community of

Businesses and Employees

Changing the World

Matching Gifts Software Encourages Employee Giving

Why GivingTrax?

GivingTrax is built with the millennial employee in mind.  And “baby-boomers” will love the ability to stay connected to their favorite charities when they retire.

By using a cloud software to support workplace giving including employee matching gifts, your employees will enjoy a consumer experience.

Millennials will love the ability to maintain access to their dashboard, their giving history, photos and impact stories even if they change jobs.

Share the impact you and your employees make in the community
with live streams to your branded page.

Employee Giving Software

Power your employee matching programs with easy-to-use cloud based software that provides a consumer experience for employees giving back at work.

Create & administer employee matching programs using flexible controls for match rates, caps, and other program parameters.

Empower employees with the ability to maintain access to their MyTrax dashboard when changing jobs. Goal Meters allow you to easily track & share results. 

Add volunteerism matching to offer employees even more flexibility.


Employees are our Greatest Asset

Employees want to work for companies that are making a difference

Employees want to be involved,
to be in the “drivers” seat

Employees want to SEE their social impact.

Eliminate paper forms quickly and easily

Create and administer an employee matching gifts program in minutes with intuitive admin controls
a mobile responsive, easy-to-use, and configurable employee dashboard.

No More Paper Forms for Employee Matching Gifts Programs​

Does your employee matching gifts program use paper forms that look like this?

Perhaps it’s time to simplify.

GivingTrax is a win-win-win. Employers are freed from supporting yet another internal system. Employees enjoy a consumer experience when giving back at work. And you can help make a collective impact  by joining a community of businesses giving back using cloud software.

Speed to Impact

In a mobile world where everything is at our fingertips,

employees expect their contributions in employer matching gifts programs

to reach charities in seconds.

GivingTrax offers the industry's fastest speed to impact by disbursing in 2 hours.

Social Sharing for Employees

We invite you to get started by creating an employee matching gifts program today. If you prefer to check out GivingTrax on a trial basis, just give us a call. We’ll set up everything for you to evaluate how GivingTrax works for your programs. It only takes a few minutes and we’re happy to help.