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Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software

Millenials are changing the world…

Are You Ready?

PledgeTrax for Workplace Giving Campaigns

60% of Millennials will leave their companies in less than 3 years. Millennials are also seeking work with a greater purpose. What better way to serve these needs than the employee engagement software that is ease-to-use.
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Volunteerism Tracking & Matching Software

Track employee volunteer hours by with an easy-to-use mobile dashboard. Optionally, reward employee volunteerism time with matching grants.
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Matching Gifts

Create and administer an employee matching gifts program with an intuitive dashboard. Flexible options allow support of a wide variety of matching gifts methods.
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MyTrax Employee Volunteerism & Social Sharing

Turn on MyTrax Social Sharing to allow employees to collect and share their social impact. Allow employees to post to your page to crowd-source and share the total impact of your workforce and company.
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MyTrax for Employee Giving & Volunteerism Programs

Millenials are seeking work with a greater purpose, they are looking for employers that want to make an impact.

What better way to serve these needs than easy-to-use software to allow employee’s to see and share their own impact. 

Cloud Software for Employee Engagement