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Corporate Giving Engages Employees and Drives Productivity

Corporate Giving Engages Employees and Drives Productivity

Corporate Giving Engages Employees Drives Productivity

Like spring, corporate giving programs have the ability to create new life and new energy.    Spring is also a time to re-energize and re-engage employees.   Launching a corporate giving program or revitalizing your current corporate giving program is a great way to accelerate the year.

Here are some compelling examples of how corporate giving can engage your employees and your company:

Giving Back Makes People Feel Good

Do you feel better when you help others?  Let’s face it…  it does feel good to help others and when your employees help others through participating in a corporate giving program, it gives them a sense of purpose!  Giving back strengthens your employees view of your company and when your employees are happier as a result of participating in something meaningful and engaging, they’ll form a stronger connection to you, leading to increased productivity.

Giving Sends a Powerful Message

Giving back to others sends the message that your company is about more than just making money.   Not only is this important for connecting with customers, it’s a great way to improve your company’s image among your employees. Corporate philanthropy builds trust as employees feel a shared sense of purpose with the company.  People who work for a company that cares about the community are more likely to have a sense of pride in the business, which can lead to increased staff retention rates, higher employee confidence, and a stronger bottom line.

It’s about Team-Building Experiences

While companies often initiate social events as a means of building a communal experience in the office, it is hard to take the “work” atmosphere out of the workplace.  By volunteering together outside of the office, coworkers have the unique opportunity to spend time with each other in a different context.  Volunteering teaches valuable teamwork skills that can be applied to the workplace. Most importantly, the positive experiences that come out of volunteering and helping others allow coworkers to bond and create lasting friendships that make the workplace a more enjoyable environment.

Giving back is Good for Business

The bottom line is that when you help others, your business also reaps the benefits.  Consumers pay attention when a company gives back to the community, and the response can be incredibly positive.  A happy and appreciative community is always a good environment for business.  Plus, 90% of consumers want to know how you give back.  Philanthropic endeavors build strong relationships with both the organizations that your company helps and the general public.   Community engagement builds concrete bonds with your consumer base and puts a caring face to your business.

GivingTrax®   makes it easy to give back at work by offering cloud software for corporate philanthropy, sponsorships, community engagement, we care programs and employee engagement programs including employee matching gifts and volunteerism.

GivingTrax® expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees and customers.

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