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With over 5,000 Members and counting, GivingTrax® is the right choice for you!

Simply put, GivingTrax is the most trusted and complete

corporate philanthropy software, employee giving program software, cause marketing software


GivingTrax is the only social network for businesses and employees giving back.

Helping Brands Manage Community Giving and Engagement

Corporate Philanthropy

GivingTrax cloud software helps brands manage and share corporate philanthropy, local giving and community engagement. GivingTrax is easy, fast and super flexible.

Helping Restaurants and Small Biz Give Back to Local Communities

Community Giving Sponsorships

GivingTrax helps smaller businesses manage in-bound donation and sponsorships requests by creating giving zones around store locations and helps raise awareness of their community support.

Grants Management

Large Corporations and Foundations will enjoy easy-to-use grant management capabilities with workflow, support for committees and outcomes reporting.

Matching Gift Programs

For the first time, businesses of all sizes have an easy-to-use tool to create and manage employee matching gifts and customer matching gift programs.  The best part is employees can maintain access to their dashboard even when changing employers!  Plus, they benefit from consumer matching gifts offered by other businesses in the network.

Cause Marketing Donation Tracking Software

Cause Marketing, We Care Program

Seamlessly share your cause marketing and We Care Program donations on company websites and in Facebook as donations are made.


Consumer Engagement

Engage consumers, your business customers and Facebook fans by matching donations to favorite causes on your website or in Facebook.

Top Places to Work Engage Employees in Fundraising Together

Employee Engagement

Top places to work engage employees in fundraising together and award employees with donations made on the employees behalf.

Branded Fundraising Pages for Causes

Branded Fundraising

Create branded fundraising pages in minutes.  Easily share on company websites and in Facebook to support employee workplace giving campaigns, team fundraisers and customer engagement.

Community Engagement Local Giving Made Easy

Community Engagement, Local Giving,
Made Easy!

GivingTrax helps brands manage & promote Community Engagement and Local Giving! Empower local store managers, with easy to use tools, that allows you to view and share your cumulative impact. Gain insight into the total giving across all store locations and seamlessly share your impact on your company website and in Facebook!
  • Local managers will enjoy saying “Yes, we give back”.  Just visit GivingTrax or our Facebook page to see how and to submit a request.”
  • Set company policies and empower managers to engage locally.
  • See and share your total impact with photos and stories on a dedicated page.

The GivingTrax Social Media PR-Engine Rocks! This is pure Magic!

Social Sharing of Corporate Philanthropy and We Care Programs is Easy with GivingTrax

The GivingTrax Social Media PR-Engine

This is a fantastic tool that allows you to automatically share desired donations and sponsorships to your company website, your GivingTrax page, and to a dedicated tab in Facebook.  You can also selectively share donations as a post within your Facebook stream.

  • Import your GivingTrax page as an “i-frame” into company websites in under 5 minutes
  • Page updates automatically as activity takes place in GivingTrax keeping your content fresh
  • Recipient organizations can post thank you messages on your page including photos and video content
  • Collect your giving partners’ logos on your page as you make donations & sponsor events
  • There’s even a tab to share your  CSR story
  • Offer a match challenge to your customers in response to natural disasters, holiday giving and at fundraising events and automatically share.

Over 5,000 Members, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our users, and are fully dedicated to their success. When you choose GivingTrax, you are adding us to your team. You won’t ever have to worry about  complicated software and poor customer support, again!

“GivingTrax expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees and customers.”
Emily Reiter, Saltchuk
 GivingTrax® helps me manage my donation requests all in one place, plus I’m able to share our story! Our community finally knows how much we give back.”
Lance Hungerford, Round Table Pizza
“GivingTrax is a terrific way to leverage giving. It is a win-win for both us as a non-profit and for the business that chooses to sponsor our programs. This is the future of giving and will help all of us to win in a big way”
Priscilla Lesicich, Safe Streets Campaign
Test Drive GivingTrax

See how GivingTrax software can help you manage corporate giving, employee giving and community support.

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Test Drive GivingTrax

Why us?   We are Driven by YOUR Success

Our job is to help make your job easier. GivingTrax is the most complete and trusted cloud software for corporate and employee giving and the social network for businesses giving back.

GIVINGtrax was built from the ground-up for consumer facing businesses and brands giving back.  We know that often donation requests come from customers, vendors, and our peer businesses.  Often, the request is for in-kind products and services.  We have lived the experience of being asked for donations during the busiest time of the day and have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to our local community, yet before GivingTrax, no one seemed to know how deeply we gave back.    We have been in your shoes and most of what GivingTrax has become today was inspired by you, our customers and members.
GivingTrax began as a mission to help restaurants and stores simplify donations and sponsorships.  It as since grown into a  complete corporate philanthropy software solution including the ability to create and manage various employee matching gift programs. The best part of GivingTrax is empowering your employees to maintain access to their personal giving dashboard, even when changing employers.   Your employees can even triple their donation by using both employer sponsored matches and match challenges offered by other businesses in the network. The best part for brands, is managing, gaining insight  into and sharing your cumulative giving across all store locations.
GivingTrax is a social network of businesses giving back.  Our mission is to simplify community engagement and help raise awareness of how much is given back by businesses and their employees.  You can make a social impact benefiting nonprofits, schools and youth sports teams simply by using a common software tool and social network for giving back, GivingTrax!
We believe in empowering employees with a dashboard for personal giving that they can access even when changing employers.   Company giving programs, such as matching gifts simply toggle on and off, while the employee is connected.  We also believe the by providing transparency into corporate giving, brand loyalty will increase and have partnered with the University of Washington to study this effect.
We believe our customers are always right and strive to meet their every need – even for our nonprofit members who use GivingTrax fundraising software complimentary.  You will enjoy live customer support and personal access to CEO, Karrie Hungerford.  We are here to help you succeed.
Just ask our customers!  GivingTrax delivers, always.  Our goal is 100% delighted customers.

GivingTrax: The only network for businesses and their

employees giving back.

Join the only network of Businesses giving back – today!  5,000 Users and counting, We know you’ll love GivingTrax,

the most complete and trusted corporate philanthropy software


the social network for corporate giving and employee giving programs including matching gifts.


GivingTrax is loaded with useful capabilities…

… We listen to our members and add their  desired features continually. GivingTrax is not just built by us, but also by and for our members.

The bottom line is,  it’s all about people and that begins with our customers.

Employee Matching Gifts Customer Matching Gifts Programs

Match Employee, Customer Donations

Flexible  matching gifts allow you to easily double the donation by offering employee matching gifts and consumer matching gifts!


Disaster Response, Made Easy

GivingTrax empowers you with the ability to respond to natural disasters and world events in minutes!

Powerful feeds - Add to Company Websites in Minutes

Powerful Feeds to Company Websites

Import your GivingTrax page as an “i-frame” into your company website and enjoy automatic feeds of your donations and sponsorships.

GIVINGtrax is mobile ready and works on any device

GivingTrax is Mobile Ready

GivingTrax works on any mobile device.  No more reaching for a magnifying glass to view tiny print on a mobile phone, plus your employees can give anywhere, anytime, not just at work.

Content Editor Makes it Easy to Create Branded Pages

Easy Content Editor

The GivingTrax content editor enables anyone to create a page.  No html skills are required.  Simply enter your text and attach your pictures.  You can also copy and past content from your company website.  Folks with html skills will enjoy the full html editor option.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics at Your Fingertips

Robust Reporting

GivingTrax  includes a reporting fantastic interactive reporting dashboard and many standard reports.  Click on a slice of the “pie chart” to view the underlying data and export data to Excel with a single click.

Those Are Just A Few Features, There Are Plenty More…

  • Create Giving Zones by Zip Code or Mile Radius

  • Customizable Workflow Options

  • Set Corporate Giving Criteria, Manage Locally

  • Share Your Impact Story as it Unfolds

  • Provide Consumers Transparency

  • Manage Sponsorships & Giving

  • Track Employee Volunteerism

  • Create Match Challenges to Leverage Nonprofit Network

  • Robust Reporting and Analytics

  • Drag & Drop Dashboard Customizing

  • Collect Impact Stories, Photos, and Videos

  • Promote your Brand’s Community Engagement

  • “We Give Back” Widget

  • “Click n’ GIVE” Widget

  • Unsurpassed Support

  • GivingTrax Helps Make Social Media Relevant

  • Create Fundraising Events

  • Automatic Donation Distribution

  • Donation Button for Websites and Facebook Page

  • PR-Engine Promotes Your Social Impact

  • Nonprofit Vetting

  • Managed Services Available

  • Integration to Facebook & Twitter

  • Cloud Software at Your Fingertips


Easy Setup…

Why is cloud software so appealing? Mostly, because it’s so easy to setup and become productive. No complicated software to configure, no custom software installation and best of all, no special expertise is needed. Don’t be fooled… Most corporate philanthropy software that is referred to as “cloud software” is actually just hosted on the vendors’ server. True cloud software enables users to begin using the service simply by registering using an email id. Our help center includes online video training…. Check us out. It doesn’t get any easier than GivingTrax, and if you’d like help, we’re just a phone call away!