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GivingTrax Cloud Software for Corporate Giving and Grants Management spans the full spectrum of local community giving programs to complex role-based grants management.

Central oversight, flexible program management, and robust reporting simplifies administration of both global and local programs.

Ease of setup allows GivingTrax to  support corporate giving programs across a broad range of industries.  GivingTrax clients range from professional sports teams to large enterprises.

Employee Volunteerism

GivingTrax helps encourage volunteerism by providing employees the ability to create & share their impact through social media and on their myTrax page.

Employees can add & share volunteer events, track RSVPs and organize Day of Caring events.

Givingtrax Cloud Software makes creating volunteer matching gifts programs, like Dollars for Doers and matching grants to recognize volunteerism easy to setup and administer.  Flexible controls support simple to robust volunteerism programs.

Best of all,  you have complete control over your employees’ access and visibility of dashboard widgets.

Employee Matching Gifts

Power your employee matching gifts programs with easy to use cloud-based software that provides a consumer experience for employees giving back at work.

Create and administer employee matching gifts programs using flexible controls for match rates, caps and other program parameters.

Empower your employees with the ability to maintain access to their dashboard, even when changing jobs, which benefits employees and those receiving calls for charitable giving history after an employee departs.

Best of all, GivingTrax is easy to use for administrators and intuitive for employees.  We help make your job easier.

In-Kind Donations

Easily setup and manage in-kind charitable giving programs to support your local community.  Optional auto-decline allows companies that receive thousands of requests to focus resources on requests that are a good fit and most likely to be approved.

Branded Pages

Branded pages help make your programs come alive.  An easy-to-use page builder provides a way to tailor your page, automatic updates based on activity in the system keep it fresh over time.

Branded pages bring authenticity to your programs by allowing you to collect & share impact stories and thank you posts from recipients.  You can also collect and share employee volunteerism stories on your dedicated page.

Live feeds keep your page fresh and social sharing allows you to share across social media platforms.


Who We Are

GivingTrax is a cloud software company located in the Seattle area. We are a passionate team dedicated to serving our clients and all the good they are doing in our world.

GivingTrax is the largest cloud software provider for workplace giving programs. We serve small to medium size companies across the US and Canada.

What We Do

Cloud Software:

GivingTrax offers cloud software for the full spectrum of corporate giving, grants management, sponsorships, employee volunteerism and employee giving program. All pricing plans are full-function.

Complementary Services:

Whether you are a pro or just getting started, you may want assistance to get started. GivingTrax provides a wide range of services. We offer no-charge setup services for most clients and will provide a test environment for as long as needed.

If you need help creating your employee giving or volunteer program, just ask. We will even provide samples of supporting program policies.

Fee-Based Services:

Custom development services may be desired and are available. These may include new capabilities that are unique to your business or custom reports. If there is something needed, we can usually build it.

Distribution Services:

Charitable giving distribution services for corporate and employee workplace giving programs is available.

Why Choose Us?

GivingTrax currently offers software and support for clients in the US and Canada.

Our job is to help make yours easier. We offer complimentary phone, email and web chat to clients and their employees, along with support for recipient organizations.

GivingTrax offers flexibility enabling you to easily adopt new programs or modify existing programs.

Are we a good fit? That’s likely a question you’ll consider. We do, too. For detailed specifications on what we can and cannot do, please email us. We are happy to disclose what’s currently available, planned features and those that are unlikely to be available.