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Brown & Brown Insurance of Tacoma Spooks it up by Giving Back

Brown & Brown Insurance in Tacoma knows how to do Halloween. From the moment their employees & customers step off the elevator into the spookway, they are entranced. What’s all the fuss about?

This is Brown & Brown’s way of engaging employees in giving back. A fun day is in store as Brown & Brown kicks off their United Way workplace giving campaign, with haunting competitions, fundraising and ghoulish treats.

Who wouldn’t want to work here? President, Bev Losey, says giving back is in the organization’s DNA – inspiring the brown & Brown team to give back through employee giving, matching gifts and corporate philanthropy.

Bev says community impact and philanthropy has directly impacted their growth. Brown & Brown Insurance has operated in Tacoma for several generations – surviving longer that most companies. Now, that is a sustainable company. Maybe it’s the fog they breathe – or perhaps the warm beating heart that fuels them. Maybe…..

More likely, it’s the customer loyalty they have fostered through years of giving back.

Happy Halloween

More about Brown & Brown’s Community Involvement: https://www.bbtacoma.com/AboutUs/buildingBridges.aspx
About Brown & Brown Insurance, Tacoma: https://www.bbtacoma.com/Default.aspx

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