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5 Ways Your Company can Respond to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey's Impact on Pets
Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Pets

Companies large and small across America are responds to Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact on Houston and all of Texas.    Here are 5 ways that you, as a company, and your employees can respond.

  1. Make a Company Donation:  Donate to a reputable organization – Many organizations responding to Hurricane Harvey are nonprofit organizations, including large well known organizations such as the American Red Cross, World Vision and Global Impact.  But there are also many other organizations, including local nonprofits that are helping to rescue pets.
  1. Offer an Employee Matching Donation:   To encourage employee donations, offer your employees an employee matching gift for organizations that are responding to the rescue effort.   With GivingTrax Cloud Software, companies are able to easily create & offer a matching program for employee donating to organizations on the ground in Houston.  Your employee matching program can be up and running today.
  1. Collect Supplies:  Engage your employees in collecting much needed supplies to help with relief efforts.  Everything from food and water to clothing is needed.
  1. Encourage Employee Volunteerism:  Encourage your employees to volunteer to help with Hurricane Harvey rescue operations by providing them the ability to take time off, particularly if you have employees that are trained in emergency response.
  2. Donate products:  Many of the items needed to support a rescue operation of this magnitude may be the very thing your company makes or does.  Does your company offer a product or service that can help?  It’s easy to see how shipping companies will be vital, but how about all the other needed supplies – toilet paper, diapers, non-perishable foods, toiletries?  If you company makes item that can help, it’s a great way to respond.

For more information about GivingTrax Cloud Software Disaster Response, or if you want help creating an employee matching donation program for Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts, please call or email us.