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Today is Giving Tuesday givingtuesday


5 Tips for Business to Promote GivingTuesday


Today is GivingTuesday.  As the retailers race to count their coffers after the first official weekend of the holiday season and Amazon posts record sales per second on Cyber Monday, the nonprofit world has been anxiously awaiting GivingTuesday.

Projections for donations to nonprofit organizations on GIVINGTUESDAY are anticipated to reach $40 Million.  It would be a surprise, if you haven’t already received email solicitations.    My first one arrived during the night, asking for a dollar from Safe Streets.    Safe Streets, once said, “If everyone on our email list only gave just a dollar, it would solve our funding problems”.    Every dollar does count.

give on giving Tuesday givingtuesday

     GivingTuesday to reach $40M

It’s great to see all the donations taking place today, but equally important to mention that businesses give back nearly every day.

The Portland Trail Blazers for example, receives nearly 300 donation requests a month.  A local Round Table Pizza Franchisee owner has given over $98K so far.

And,  Dick Hannah Dealerships based in Vancouver, WA has given a whopping $212K through their community giving program and the “Believe in Community”, “Believe in Giving”, “Believe in Nice” program.

So, how can businesses participate in GivingTuesday?   Below are 5 tips to promote GivingTuesday at your company.


5 Tips for Business to Promote GivingTuesday

  1. Double Down on Employee Matching Gifts

    Expedia doubled employee matching gifts for the month of September and participation rates soared!  If you want to get your employees attention to encourage them to participate in GivingTuesday, offer to double the match.  Basically, offer to donate $2 for every $1 employees give.  You’ll be surprised by the response.  Better yet, extend a double employee matching gift  through the entire holiday season as a way to say “we care”.

    If you do not already have an employee matching gifts program, you can set one up in as little as 30 minutes, by reading “How to start an employee matching gifts program in 6 easy steps“.

  2. Engage Customers and Consumers

    Engage customers and consumers by offering to make a donation for every new “like”, “follow”, or “pin”, or “favorite.  Want to take it a step further?  Allow your customers to choose the recipient charity as Round Table Pizza in the South Puget Sound has done.  You can check out how on their facebook page.  If you are an auto dealer, how about offering to make a donation for each test drive?  You can check out how Bruce Titus Automotive gives to the local Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society through The Bruce Titus Pet Project program.

  3. Make a Corporate Contribution

    If you are in Community Relations, Public Relations or a small business owner, you likely have a pile of donation requests sitting on your desk.   Why not take a few minutes on this GivingTuesday to approve a few and make a nonprofit’s day?  They will be so excited to receive your call.    If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer height the pile is reaching, why not simplify & give GivingTrax a try?  We’ll import that stack for you and make your day.

  4. Give In-Kind Donations

    Not all donations have to be cash contributions.  Even thought the bulk of GivingTuesday messages will be for cash donations, don’t forget about in-kind.   Many of us offer products or services that are treasured by the nonprofit community.  If you are a printer, how about donating some printing services for a fundraiser?  You’ll get the recognition for your contribution and signage at the event.  If you’re a restaurant, homeless shelters can use food right now.  If you offer professional services, how about donating a few pro-bono hours?  There are many ways to give back.

  5. Donate Excess Inventory

    Maybe you don’t have a product or service that can be donated, but likely, you have a few items sitting around the office gathering dust. Nonprofits are often desperate for even the most basic supplies that we businesses take for granted.    Why not consider donating your excess inventory, equipment or office supplies?


If these don’t work for you, how about donating a dollar to Safe Streets or to one of the many charities in GivingTrax. You can browse the GivingTrax Community or Wishes created by our members.   If that doesn’t work for you, give a “smile” and have a great GivingTuesday.