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I’m Fundraising for a Cause – Can I Make a Donation Request?

Individuals Fundraising for Non Profits, Schools, Sports Team, Causes:  


If you are fundraising for a nonprofit or other cause, please read this FAQ.

Many consumer facing businesses using GivingTrax will accept donation requests from their customers or others fundraising on behalf of a nonprofit, school, sports team, or cause.   Follow these steps to submit your request:

1.  Register as an Individual

2.  Visit the Business Members page in GivingTrax

3.  Click on Submit Request

4.  Complete the online request form.

Note:  If the nonprofit, school, charity cause, sports team, etc. is not listed in the drop down menu for “recipient”  and you can’t find them in the search field, then select “other” at the top of the menu and add the name of the recipient along with an email address for someone that works there, or the team coach for sports teams (not your email).

5.  Complete the rest of the form.

Notice the Giving Criteria of the business member as you are completing the form.  If the request does not meet their criteria, it will not be accepted.  If you have any trouble, save the request as a “draft” and contact us for help.