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The 2024 grant year is now open!  Applications will be accepted online via Giving Trax only until July 31, 2024

We are building the best, by land, sea, and air. Founded in 1982, Saltchuk is family-owned and operated company that has grown to include five business units; TOTE, Saltchuk Marine, Saltchuk Avaiation, Tropical Shipping, and Northstar Energy which deliver critical transportation & logistics, air cargo, marine services, trucking, and petroleum distribution services to their communities.  

Community Impact

Saltchuk Hawai'i Giving is focused on making impactful gifts to Hawai'i communities where we live, work, and serve, emphasizing non-profit organizations that support post-secondary education and youth development programs.

About Us

Our companies serving Hawaii; Aloha Air Cargo, Young Brothers, Hawaii Petroleum and Minit Stop, and Naniq Global exhibit our shared values of safety, reliability, and commitment every day.

Our name, Saltchuk, comes from a trading language, Chinook Jargon, that was developed by the natives of the Pacific Rim in North America. After the period of contact the language adopted words used by the Europeans that the natives traded with – principally French and English. “Saltchuk” means saltwater. Our name is suggestive of where we come from and what we do. Chinook Jargon was the language of business, it was inclusive of all peoples, and it was dynamic – all traits which we like to think are associated with our Company.

Please visit our main GivingTrax site to learn more about the Saltchuk Regional Giving Program.

Learn more about Saltchuk by visiting us at Saltchuk.com

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