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Thank you for inquiring about the Young Brothers' Natural Disaster Shipping Assistance Program.  Please use this application to be considered for reduced or free shipping to support those impacted by the Maui Wildfires.

Community Impact

Young Brothers is working in close collaboration with County, State, and Federal agencies to support the needs of those directly impact by Maui wildfires.  While we understand everyone wants to help, we are encouraging the public to make a monetary donation to one of the following organizations that have reliable logistics in place to support the relief and recovery efforts.  

  • American Red Cross:  Focus on crisis response, sheltering, and providing meals.
  • Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong fund:  Focus on rapid response and working with local nonprofits to understand community needs.
  • Maui Food Bank:  Collecting and distributing food to help the hungry in Maui County.
  • Maui Humane Society: Supporting shelters for displaced people and animals and caring for injured animals.
  • Maui United Way:  Providing direct relief to families and nonprofits.
  • The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division: Providing food and resources for evacuees.
  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement:  Matching up to $1 million in donations

For those non-profit 501(c)3 organizations that are working directly with one of these agencies or a County, State, of federal agency and would like to be considered for reduced or free shipping, please apply here.  Each application is reviewed and priority is given to those projects that provide the greatest benefits to the impacted.  

To access the application, please:

  1. Register and claim your organization in GivingTrax, if you have not already done so.  You will be required to have a nonprofit account in order to complete the application.   To claim your organization, click here:
  2. After registering, return to this page and click the GREEN button above to access our application.
  3. Complete the application, attaching the required documents.

Applications must be submitted no less than one (1) week before your shipment will occur.


Please Note:

1.  Your application cannot be approved if it is incomplete, has a ship date of less than one week, or an IRS Certification of Tax Exempt Status letter is not submitted.

2.  The name or organization on the application must match the name on the IRS Certification of Tax Exempt Status letter.

3.  The requesting party must be a non-profit organization and the application must be in connection with a project administered by the non-profit organization.

For more information regarding IRS Tax Exempt Status 501(c)3, please visit

We ask that you provide as much information about your project and organization as possible. You may also attach pamphlets, news articles, etc. to make it clear how your organization will or has benefited the community. You should also explain how your present project furthers your organization’s purpose and who it benefits. It is also helpful to describe your organization’s government, non-profit or other community partners and how your organization works with these other entities. The Community Support Program committee will review your application and will notify your organization via mail and/or e-mail if your application has been approved or disapproved.

If your application is approved, your shipments will be shipped at the owner’s risk and on a space-available basis. Your organization will be assessed wharfage charges (a State of Hawaii fee on all shipments).

Future requests will be reviewed under our most recent guidelines and based upon the changing needs of the sitation.

We Give:
Local, Regional
Donation Gift:
Event, Non-Event

Special Instructions:
501(c)(3) nonprofits and government agencies are eligible to apply. Please have a scanned copy of your IRS Certification of Tax Exempt Status 501(c)(3) for non-government agencies ready. You will be prompted to attach to the application.

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