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View and share the total impact of your corporate philanthropy, employee engagement programs, community giving and sponsorships across all locations seamlessly.

Collect impact stories, photos and video feeds on your dedicated page and share your social impact with employees, customers and Facebook fans. Use our app to share your total corporate giving and social impact automatically on your company website and on your Facebook page.

GivingTrax helps to make social media and cause marketing more relevant for businesses by collecting and sharing the total social impact of your Corporate Philanthropy and Employee Engagement programs automatically on a dedicated page and through social media.


See and Share your Social Impact

Across all Company Locations

  • View Corporate Philanthropy & Sponsorships in one Dashboard
  • View your Total Social Impact Across all Company Locations
  • Share philanthropy, sponsorships, employee giving programs on a public page
  • Gain Insight into Employee & Customer Values
  • Collect and Share Impact Stories, Videos and Pictures from Recipient Organizations
  • Automatic Feeds Keep your Branded Page Fresh
  • Selectively Share Donations & Matched Giving Automatically as a Facebook post
  • Collect & Share Employee Volunteerism Photos, Videos and Stories on your GivingTrax page
  • Share Your Impact Automatically to Increase Awareness
  • Engage Customers & Increase Employee Engagement with Matching Gifts
  • Sharing Corporate Giving, Total Employee Giving and Volunteerism Increases Transparency
  • Placing your Employees in the Drivers Seat Increases Employee Engagement and Participation
  • Corporate Philanthropy, Sponsorships, Employee Engagement Dashboard

    Corporate Philanthropy & Employee Engagement Dashboard


    Manage Everything in One Software Tool

    No more spreadsheets! No More Paper Forms!

    Step 1:

    The first step is gaining insight into your total philanthropy including employee engagement programs, matching gifts, volunteerism across all company locations. Fortunately, GivingTrax makes this step easy to do. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to set corporate controls, replicate those across all desired locations, authorize uses to manage individual locations and automatically rolls-up all activity. View all activities across your enterprise or filter by location, by categories of causes, by how you give back, or by how the funds were used.

    Step 2:

    Second, our privacy settings make it easy to selective share donations, sponsorships, volunteerism on a case by case basis as they are approved. Global controls allow you to adjust social sharing across your enterprise.

    Step 3:

    Third, pull your GivingTrax page into company websites and into your Facebook page and enjoy automatic updates with real-time feeds as items are shared.

    Step 4:

    Fourth, collect your impact stories, photos and videos from recipient nonprofit organizations, schools, youth sports and organizations you sponsor. Encourage them to post on your page as you are approving requests.

    Step 5:

    Fifth, share your social impact transparently including donations, sponsorships, impact stories, photos and videos from recipient organizations to increase credibility, the believably of how much you really do give back and to foster consumer engagement.


    Simplify with Intuitive Cloud Software

    Manage corporate philanthropy, community giving, donations, sponsorships, employee matching gifts, disaster response and customer matched giving offers with a single tool.    Share requests with your committee members and reach consensus on allocations.

    Add Corporate Philanthropy & Sponsorships made Offline:

    • Choose Recipient Nonprofit or School
    • Add Donation and Description
    • Enter the Amount
    • Choose Marketing Sponsorship or Gift for Corporate Philanthropy
    • Category of Donation or Sponsorship
  • Check the Box to Share to Your Branded Page and to Facebook