Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Powerful Analytics & Reporting capabilities provide insight into giving patterns & social impact.
  • Requests by Status
  • Requests by Type
  • Requests by Category
  • New Donation Requests
  • Deferred Donation Requests
  • How Funds Used
  • Declined Donation Requests
  • Approved Donation Requests

GivingTrax Reporting Dashboard


Stunning Visual Graphs & Charts

Compare your giving trends vs. employees & customers.  View and download real-time reports when you need them.   Click on a graph to view the data in table format or export to Excel.

Large Corporations & Enterprises
Analytics & Reporting capabilities in GivingTrax enable larger corporations to enjoy a dashboard showing the cumulative giving patterns across the entire enterprise. View all data for the enterprise or drill down by location or subsidiary company. GivingTrax’ analytics & reporting provide you the tools to slice and dice your data to gain better insight into your giving patterns and social impact.

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