Grants Management System

Grants Management System

GivingTrax Grants Management System is easy to use cloud software for managing grantmaking. You can manage all grants with one easy-to-use dashboard. GivingTrax is a complete grants management system.


GivingTrax is robust enough to support grants management within the largest of corporate foundations, yet so easy-to-use, especially for smaller community foundations and even family foundations to use as a grants management system.


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Grants Management System – Grant Criteria

Menu selection options allow you to easily create a profile to manage grantmaking including setting specific grant or recipient criteria. Nonprofits, schools and other organizations meeting your criteria are allowed to submit a grant request through  to your dashboard.

Set Grants Management Criteria including:

  • Geo-Location
  • Types of Recipients:  Nonprofits |  Schools
  • Use of Funds:  Capacity Building | Special Projects | Capital Campaign
  • Types of Requests you Support
  • Single and Multi-Year Grant Support
  • Disaster Response

Easy-to-Use Grants Management Dashboard

Short or Long Grant Request Form

Within Grants Management, you can choose between a “short form” or longer  traditional grant request form to be completed by the requesting non profit, charity or school.  All information is captured online withing the Grants Management dashboard and is available at your fingertips.

More Good Stuff

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

    • Full Automation of Grants Management Process
    • Charity Vetting Including Links to I-990 Tax Records
    • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
    • Robust Analytics & Reporting
    • Email Alerts for New Requests
    • Easy to Share Among Committee
    • Fulfillment Tracking
    • Export Data to Excel for Analysis

    Share Your Social Impact

    GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact across your enterprise.

    Start Sharing your collective impact today!

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