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Corporate Philanthropy

GivingTrax Corporate Philanthropy software makes it fun to manage corporate philanthropy even for the largest of enterprises. You can even manage all corporate philanthropy and marketing sponsorships with one intuitive dashboard. GivingTrax patent-pending cloud software allows you to manage corporate philanthropy, employee engagement including matching gifts, consumer engagement and marketing sponsorships with ease.


GivingTrax is robust enough to support corporate philanthropy across the largest of enterprises, yet so easy-to-use, especially for consumer facing businesses including big box retailers and medium sized companies.

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Corporate Philanthropy Giving Criteria

Menu selection options allow you to easily create a profile to manage corporate philanthropy across all the locations in your company including setting specific giving criteria that includes geo-location.  Geo-location allows you to create “giving zones” around store locations.  If the nonprofit of school is located within your giving zone and meets your  other criteria, their request will be allowed through to your dashboard view.    Your corporate giving zone can be as broad as International or as narrow as a 1-mile radius around each store or company location.

Your giving criteria acts as filters.  Only the nonprofits, schools and other organizations that meet your giving criteria are able to submit a donation request. 

Those who do not meet your criteria are politely declined.

GivingTrax helps bring a degree of transparency to your corporate philanthropy programs.  To that end, you are able to describe your corporate philanthropy programs and community engagement, if applicable, including the eligibility criteria for your corporate philanthropy programs and the ability to “publish” your specific giving criteria on a dedicated page within GivingTrax.  You can also pull your page into company websites and Facebook as a tab.


Corporate Philanthropy Software Dashboard

Giving Criteria for Corporate Philanthropy Programs Includes:

Make your selections in as little as 5 minutes with the intuitive GivingTrax dashboard.  Then replicate your criteria to all desired locations instantly.    Change your corporate giving criteria as often or seldom as your like.  Any time you make a change, it can be replicated across your entire enterprise instantly.  Your public page is even automatically updated.

Corporate giving criteria selections are made in the following areas:

  • Geo-Location Radius – Select Desired Giving Zone
  • Desired Types of Nonprofits, Charities, Causes, Schools, etc.
  • Use of Funds: Special Projects or Capacity Building, etc.
  • Types of Requests:  Philanthropic Gift, Marketing Sponsorship
  • How you Give: Cash, In-kind, Volunteer Labor, Employee Matching Gifts, Customer Matching Gifts
  • Event-Related Preferences
  • Disaster Response Programs


Short or Long Grant Request Form

GivingTrax offers two grant or donation request forms, plus access to the nonprofit or school organization’s profile,  public page, W-9 and history of tax returns. You can choose between a “short form” or longer  traditional grant request form to be completed by the requesting charity, nonprofit or school.  All information is captured online and is available at your fingertips.

GivingTrax supports the most robust of workflows larger organizations often need, including the ability to authenticate and set access credentials for multiple users or committees. An easy-to-use dashboard allows users to:

  • View Request
  • Edit Request Details
  • Print Request
  • Email Request
  • Upgrade to Recurring Donation or Sponsorship
  • Comment, Score
  • Approve, Decline, Defer
  • Select Budget
  • Attach Legal Agreements
  • Track Fulfillment & Impact

Organization Profile & Public Page

Grant or Sponsorship Request forms are great for capturing the specific details of a corporate philanthropy grant request or community giving donation request.  To enhance the experience for the recipient nonprofit or school organization and to provide more details allowing you to further vet the organization, each organization in GivingTrax creates a profile and public page.

The nonprofit or school organization profile includes provides information about the organization, their Federal Tax ID number, a scanned W-9 document, certifications or accreditation(s),  conflict of interest policies, and a complete history of all their prior tax returns.

  • Type of Organization: e.g. 501(C)(3), School, Research, etc.
  • Who They Are
  • What They Do
  • Who They Serve
  • Summary of  Social Impact
  • Mission Statement
  • Tax Records and W-9
  • Board of Directors
  • Leadership
  • Organization History

Support for Many Locations

GivingTrax allows larger enterprises to set corporate controls including approval limits, then allow store or location managers to review and respond to local community engagement requests.  You can replicate just about anything across all your locations, even public content on your dedicated pages instantly.    All locations roll-up to corporate so you can view and selectively share cumulative real-time corporate philanthropy and community engagement across your entire enterprise.

    • Authorize Users by Location or Group
    • Set and Track Multiple Budgets by Location
    • View all Locations or Filter to Specific Location
    • Re-assign grant requests to a sub-location or group
    • Replicate Giving Criteria with One-Click
    • Replicate content to sub-locations with One-Click

    More Good Stuff

    It doesn’t get any easier than this!

      • Full Automation of Grantmaking Process
      • Charity Vetting
      • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
      • Support for Cash, In-Kind Product, In-Kind Service
      • Email Alerts for New Requests
      • Quick Approve with Credit Card Check-out
      • Fulfillment Tracking
      • Track Volunteer Labor, Pro Bono Labor


      Share Your Social Impact

      GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact across your enterprise.

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      GivingTrax allows you to transparently share your corporate philanthropy and community engagement programs as you approve requests which is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of cause marketing campaigns every day,  to engage your fans and foster customer loyalty.

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