Community Involvement Programs

Community Involvement Programs

GivingTrax supports large retailer and consumer brands Community Involvement Programs with easy to use Cloud Software tools to manage donation requests at the store level, yet allow brands to aggregate and share total community giving across all locations. An intuitive dashboard allows store managers to view and approve local requests for donations and sponsorships to nearby schools, nonprofits and community organizations.

GivingTrax makes it easy for consumer facing retailers to manage & share their local community involvement programs and community donations.


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Public Pages in GivingTrax Share Your Community Involvement Program

Your public page in GivingTrax tells your community involvement and social impact story.  Share your programs and collect impact stories from the recipient organizations.  The best part of GivingTrax is you are able to control all the content.

Your branded page is a combination of content you enter using easy-to-use content boxes and dynamic content that updates your page as activity takes place in the system.   For large chains, you may activate a drop-down chooser to direct inquiring organizations or individuals to choose their nearest store location.  Your page shares your total impact, total donations and aggregates all activity across all store locations.  For the first time, brands are able to manage & track everything they do, even when it occurs at the store level.

Support for Many Store Locations

GivingTrax allows larger box stores and brands to easily manage multiple locations.  Menu selection options allow you to create a master profile to manage community involvement programs across all the locations in your company.  This includes setting specific donation & sponsorship criteria that includes geo-location and support for in-kind donations.  Create a master profile, then clone it for all store locations.

Set corporate controls including approval limits, then allow store or location managers to review and respond to local community engagement requests at the store level.  You can replicate just about anything across all your locations.  Should you desire to change content on your public pages, just update your master profile page, then clone the updates to all store locations – or choose to publish one master page.  All locations roll-up to your master profile so you can view and selectively share your total impact across all store locations.  For incoming requests, you can toggle on/off a “submit request” button and activate a drop-down chooser to direct the inquiring nonprofit, school, or community organization to choose their nearest store location.



For the first time, brands are able to manage & track everything they do…

…even when it occurs at the store level

    • Authorize Users by Store
    • Set and Track Budgets by Store
    • View all Stores or Filter to Specific Store
    • Group Stores into Regions
    • Reassign Requests by Store
    • Replicate Criteria with One-Click
    • Replicate Content Instantly
    • Email Alerts for New Requests

    Giving Zones with Geo-Location




    Giving Zones Target Desired Areas to Support


    Geo-location allows you to create “giving zones” around store locations.  If the nonprofit, school or community organization is located within your giving zone and meets your  other criteria, their request will be allowed through to your dashboard view.    

    Your community involvement program giving zone can be as broad as you want or be narrowed down to a 1-mile radius around each store location.

    Geo-location supports:

    • Mile Radius around each store location.
      • 1 Mile Radius
      • 2, 3, 4, 5 Mile Radius
      • 10 Mile Radius
      • 20 Mile Radius
      • 50 Mile Radius
      • 100 Mile Radius
      • 200 Miles
      • 500 Miles
      • Nationwide
    • Map to store trade area by Zip Code

    Choose the Geo-radius approach or Zip-Code approach to create your community involvement program zone.

    Set Local Community Involvement Program Criteria


    Donations & Sponsorships

    Create your community involvement program  in as little as 15 minutes with the intuitive GivingTrax dashboard.  Create your master location, then clone your profile for each desired location.  Next, replicate your donation & sponsorship criteria for community involvement programs to all managed store locations with a single click.     You can even modify the criteria at the store-level for those one-off situations.    Any time you make a change, it can be replicated to all managed store locations instantly.

    Selection criteria include the following:

    • Geo-Location – Create Community Involvement, Giving Zone
    • Desired Types of Recipient Organizations
    • Enter Desired Restrictions on Use of Funds

    • Choose the Types of Requests:  Donation, Sponsorship
    • Choose Type of Support: Cash, In-kind, Customer Matching Gifts
    • Select Event-Related Preferences

    Support for In-Kind Donations


    In-Kind Donations of Food, Products & Services

    It doesn’t get any easier than this to manage in-kind donations of food, products, services and volunteer labor!

    Consumer Engagement

    The next time a customer approaches you for a donation, you can say "Yes, We Give Back! Visit our GivingTrax Page or Click on the We Give Back button on our facebook page to find out how".

    Community Involvement Programs are a great way to engage consumers. Most often, it will be a customer or consumer that approaches you for a donation or sponsorship request rather than an employee of the recipient organization. GivingTrax permissions settings allow you to accept donation & sponsorship requests from consumers, when needed.

    GivingTrax permissions allow you to choose who may do the asking including:

    • Employees
    • Recipient Organizations
    • Customers
    • Peer Businesses

    GivingTrax was built for consumer retail stores who are approached by consumers. Community Involvement Programs allow you to foster customer loyalty by accepting these requests. When the request comes from an individual versus the recipient organization itself, a mini-account is created for the organization and they are notified of the request and asked to complete their profile.






    Set Corporate Controls, Empower Local Store Managers

    Set Corporate Controls

    GivingTrax offers the ability to set corporate controls across all store locations,
    then authenticate local store managers to access their specific store.

    Set approval limits and select whether to allow store managers to add additional users.

    The local store managers have the ability to:

    • View Requests
    • Edit Donation, Sponsorship Details
    • Print & Email Requests
    • Upgrade to Recurring Donation or Sponsorship
    • Enter Comments
    • Approve, Decline, Defer the Request
    • Select Desired Budget
    • Fulfillment Tracking
    • Track Social Impact

    Safeway Tells Community Involvement Story on Life Size Posters in Stores

    Safeway Shares Community Involvement Story in Stores





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