Cause Marketing Automation

GivingTrax PR-Engine Powers Cause Marketing

GivingTrax offers robust cause marketing features through our PR-Engine. Enjoy all the benefits of cause marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost and create more engaging social media updates automatically. Use GivingTrax to promote your social impact by itself or as part of a traditional cause marketing campaign.


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Social Media Cause Marketing

Social Media Cause Marketing


GivingTrax answers the question. . .

“How do we gain awareness of  our corporate philanthropy & marketing sponsorships  without appearing self-serving?”

To view this in action, click here or on the “We Give Back” icon above, then click on the “We Give Back” icon in the Facebook page of this GivingTrax member. GivingTrax helps you lift the veil of transparency.   Share as much or as little as you like automatically to your Facebook fans.

You can also add the GivingTrax page to your own website, wrapped in your branding,  to share your story automatically as donations & sponsorships are approved in GivingTrax by copying and pasting a small snippet of code into the desired website page.


Share Automatically & Enjoy Cause Marketing Benefits

GivingTrax has perfected an approach to cause marketing that ensures you gain awareness of your philanthropy, “We Care” Programs, Giving Back Programs, cause marketing and sponsorships as they are made.

Share your impact across all social channels automatically.   Best of all, you have total control over what & how you choose to share.  Share all, none or some – It’s your choice!

Cause Marketing capabilities include the ability to selectively share donations and marketing sponsorships as they are approved.  You can share automatically to both your Facebook page and GivingTrax page as donations and sponsorships are approved.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Cause Marketing


Social Responsibility and Philanthropy in Small Businesses and Corporations

Public Pages Make it Easy to Automatically Share Your Impact

GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact across your www.

Share your collective impact!

Choose how much or little to share. Share all, none, or some. Most GivingTrax members enjoy cause marketing benefits by automatically sharing donations as they are approved using the GivingTrax PR-Engine as they are being approved. Post to your dedicated page in GivingTrax, to Facebook, and to twitter. Collect your impact stories from recipient nonprofits - automatically. You can even edit the posts to Facebook from within GivingTrax!
GivingTrax Members Share Their Community Impact

GivingTrax Members Share Their Community Impact

We invite you to browse the community of GivingTrax Members to see how they are sharing and enjoying cause marketing features in GivingTrax.

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