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GivingTrax Makes it Easy to Give Back at Work

GivingTrax is cloud software and a social network with easy-to-use tools to manage corporate philanthropy and employee workplace giving programs including matching gifts and cause marketing. You can make a social impact benefiting nonprofits and schools simply by using GivingTrax.


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Cloud Software Capabilities

Members can manage all aspects of corporate philanthropy and marketing sponsorships including consumer engagement, employee engagement and matching gifts. Your employees will enjoy a consumer experience while giving back at work and can even maintain access to their dashboard when changing jobs with our patent-pending network.

GivingTrax is the only social network of businesses giving back and includes a PR-Engine to help you promote your social impact automatically anytime you want. Our PR-Engine allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cause marketing for every donation you make.

Simply put, GivingTrax is the most complete and trusted cloud software for corporations and smaller businesses, giving back.

Social Responsibility and Philanthropy in Small Businesses and Corporations

Public Pages Make it Easy to Automatically Share Your Impact

GivingTrax puts you in the drivers seat.

There is no expensive software to install and you enjoy complete flexibility to choose how much, or how little to share. GivingTrax is the right choice!

GivingTrax Puts YOU in the Drivers Seat! No Expensive Software to Install.


GivingTrax provides Analytics & Reporting:

Right at Your Fingertips!

No more waiting for that report you need.  GivingTrax includes all the reporting and analytics needed to track and manage corporate philanthropy and your community impact!  Just click on an area in the pie charts to see more. All the data appears in a table format allowing you to easily see the details and export with a click of a button.


Our members “love” GivingTrax… you will, too!

Our members are our greatest fans! You may have even been referred to GivingTrax by one of them. Why? It’s because of our customer support. We are fast, nimble and responsive. GivingTrax is great in large part to our members sharing feedback. They told us what we needed to add… and we did. We listen to what our members want and build it.


Support for Many Locations

We know most corporations also give through local offices. This is why GivingTrax was built from the ground up to support large organizations with many locations. Set corporate controls and engage locally. Manage corporate philanthropy and marketing sponsorships across all your locations.  GivingTrax allows you the flexibility to set corporate controls and and enjoy local community engagement.

    • Authenticate Users by Location
    • Filter by or Drill-Down to Location
    • Cumulative Dashboard to View All
    • Share Cumulative Impact or,
    • Share by Location
    • Reassign grant requests to sub-location

    GivingTrax makes it easy to set & replicate just about anything!

    • Giving Criteria
    • Branded Page Content
    • …and just about everything else!

    GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact across your enterprise.  Share your collective impact!

    Choose how much or little to share. Share all, none, or some. Most GivingTrax members share donations as they are being approved automatically through our PR Engine! Post to your dedicated page in GivingTrax, to Facebook, and to twitter. Collect your impact stories from recipient nonprofits - automatically. You can even edit the posts to Facebook from within GivingTrax!

    GivingTrax Members Enjoy Cause Marketing Benefits by Sharing Their Community Impact

    GivingTrax Members Share Their Community Impact

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