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Nonprofits and Schools

Mobile Responsive Website Development Services for Nonprofits and Schools

GivingTrax offers Mobile Responsive Website Development Services for Nonprofits and Schools by taking your existing website and migrating it to a responsive wordpress theme.
The advantages of using a responsive wordpress theme are many, the most important of which is the ability to view your website from any device. Using a responsive wordpress theme approach makes it easy to keep your website fresh and up to date without the need of maintaining a separate mobile website.
GivingTrax offers a flat rate of $5,000 to migrate your website to a mobile responsive website for most organizations. This includes the ability to make donations.
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Does your website look like this?

Most nonprofit and school websites are not visible from a mobile device.  As a result, you are loosing your audience before there is even a chance to engage them.  Your website visitors will quickly become frustrated and move on to something else.

When it comes to seeking online donations, it’s imperative that your website includes a way to make donations, easily, with as few clicks as possible.

When considering migrating to a mobile ready website and moving to a responsive website, it’s important to focus on your audience.  Who is most likely to visit your website and what do they want to accomplish?

Your website visitors likely fall into two categories:

    • Recipients of your Services
    • Donors

Mobile Responsive Websites Simplify

To stand out from the cloud, think about the three to four things that are most important to convey on the home page view.  Notice what’s missing from this mobile website – there is no way to donate.   What organizations need to do is focus on what is referred to as Call to Actions or CTAs that your potential website visitors may want to do.   An example of nonprofit and school homepage with priority CTAs might include these items:

  • Compelling Hero Image
  • Make a Donation
  • Find Services
  • Impact Stories
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us

That’s really it…

The rest of your content should be accessible via easy-to-use navigation from the learn more button.   Your story, the “about us” and “our history” should be short and to the point.  Who are you, what do you do and what is your impact are the key elements on which to focus.

Place the more mundane content behind the “who you are”.  This would include your history and other content most people aren’t going to read from a mobile device.

In terms of additional content, the most important elements are impact stories and enable a visitor to donate when viewing each story.  Compel your visitor to act.


Oops – This Website is Missing a Donate Now Button!

A Homepage is a Landing Page


Good Mobile Responsive Websites are Hard to Find

A good homepage design is really a landing page, or launching point to begin engaging that visitor.  Business examples, such as the one shown here, are endless.  It’s rare, however, to find a really good mobile responsive websites for Nonprofits and Schools.  Before you can begin to fundraise online in our current digital mobile age, you must migrate to a mobile responsive website.



GivingTrax Mobile Responsive Website Development Services for Nonprofits and Schools

GivingTrax helps nonprofits and schools rapidly deploy a mobile responsive website by taking your current website and simply migrating it to a mobile responsive environment.  This is the first step to dramatically increasing your online donations.

GivingTrax offers mobile responsive website development services for nonprofits and schools for a flat fee of $5,000 for most organization websites including migration to the new environment.

The next step is to refresh the actual text or copy o your website.  GivingTrax will rewrite your copy for $250 per page.  Employ us to rewrite all, some or none – it’s up to you.  The most important step is to migrate what you’ve got to a mobile responsive environment.

For nonprofits and schools, really all you need is a compelling hero image followed by the three most important action items and a way to learn more.


Blogs and Blogging

Blogging not only helps you to be found, but also helps you to share impact stories.  It’s critical that you have a way to add blog posts regularly to your website and that you do so.  GivingTrax website development services will enable you to do this with ease.  If you don’t have the resources to post the stories, just ask us. GivingTrax will post for you for a low monthly fee.    

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