MyTrax for Employees

Track Employee Volunteer Hours – Donations – Sharing Social Impact

MyTrax for Employees

MyTrax offers the ability to track employee volunteer hours, allows employees to manage their own donations, and enables employees the ability to collect and share their social impact. When used with GivingTrax, MyTrax provides the ability to crowd-source and share the social impact of your workforce and company.


What is MyTrax?

MyTrax is cloud software that offers the ability to track employee volunteer hours,  allows employees to manage their own donations, to participate in workplace giving programs, offers employees the ability to share posts & pictures, and to collect and share their social impact stories posted by nonprofit and recipient organizations.

Much like LinkedIn offers professional resumes, MyTrax offers employees the ability to create and share their individual social impact,  their social good resume.

MyTrax offers employees the ability to share their volunteerism hours and social impact stories with employers.

Why use MyTrax?

When used along with GivingTrax, MyTrax allows businesses to  share their employee volunteerism hours and  impact stories on your company GivingTrax page under Employees in Action.  Updates to your GivingTrax page take place automatically.

MyTrax offers companies the ability to easily track  & share employee volunteerism,

to aggregate & share impact stories,

to promote & share your total impact across all company locations.


MyTrax for tracking volunteer hours, donations, and sharing social impact stories does not require a GivingTrax Business Membership, however, MyTrax provides added capabilities to business members who wish to encourage employee giving and volunteerism by offering programs, such as Matching Gift Programs, Dollars for Doers Programs, paid time to volunteer.

When used with employee giving and volunteerism programs managed in GivingTrax, MyTrax allows employees to easily track all donations, even when some are made off-line.  MyTrax allows employees to easily add a donation made outside of GivingTrax, save it to their dashboard, and then to submit the request for the employer Matching Gift program.

MyTrax allows employees to track their volunteer hours, saving a record of the volunteerism activity to their dashboard and offers the ability to submit a request for the applicable volunteerism program, such as Dollars for Doers.

Your employees enjoy an engaging experience while tracking their donations and volunteerism.  Collecting and sharing impact stories helps to preserve a memorable event.   Employees are able to maintain access to their dashboard even when changing jobs.

MyTrax allowing employees to track their own employee volunteer hours and donations provides:

  • Tracking Volunteerism Hours
  • Tracking Donations
  • Track Workplace Giving and Personal Donations
  • Mobile
  • Social Sharing
  • Collect & Share Impact Stories

MyTrax offers additional capabilities for employer sponsored workplace giving and volunteerism programs that are created and managed through GivingTrax including:

  • Submitting Matching Gift Requests
  • Submitting Dollars for Doers Requests
  • Ability to Maintain Access When Changing Jobs

MyTrax enhances GivingTrax  Cloud Software:

to track employee volunteer hours and Dollars for Doers programs,

to enable workplace giving,

to offer Matching Gifts programs, 

and to collect & share social impact stories.

Crowd Source Your Social Impact Stories…

“Employees in Action”

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to crowd source all the great things your employees are doing out in the community?


MyTrax allows crowdsourcing of your impact stories... straight from the source, your employees and the organizations they help.  It doesn’t get any easier than using MyTrax to track and share your total impact – your collective impact – of all employee volunteerism across your company.

MyTrax encourages employees to post or collect their own impact stories.  Employees can then check the box to share these impact stories with you.  When the employee chooses the option to share them with you in their MyTrax dashboard, the posts and impact stories will be visible on your GivingTrax page, in a dynamic content area called:    Employees in Action

When used with GivingTrax, you have the ability to publish and share your total collective impact across all company locations.  Your company page,  including impact stories and employee volunteerism hours, is updated automatically.   You can hide a post from your company page and you can even embed your GivingTrax page within your own website.

Public Pages Make it Easy to Share your Collective Impact


GivingTrax Members Share Their Collective Social Impact

GivingTrax Helps You Share Your Collective Impact

Have you ever wanted to know & promote the total social impact of your company?


With GivingTrax, you see it on your dashboard. GivingTrax allows you to automatically aggregate and share total giving, volunteerism, and crowd-sourced impact stories to your GivingTrax page. Choose to share all, none, or some. With GivingTrax, you have the choice.

GivingTrax makes it easy to promote your total social impact - your CSR story as it unfolds. Contact us to learn more.

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