Submitting Requests for Donations, Grants & Sponsorships

Special Instructions for Individuals Fundraising on Behalf of Nonprofits:

If you were directed to GivingTrax to submit a donation request to a member business, and you are not an employee of the nonprofit, register as an individual and following these steps:

  1. Locate the page of the business member
  2. Click “submit request”
  3. Register or log-in, if you have already registered
  4. Complete the donation request form


  • You will need to provide an email address for an employee at the recipient nonprofit, so please have it ready.
  • Not all business members allow individuals to submit a donation request on behalf of a nonprofit. Please be sure to view their submission criteria on their public page.

Nonprofit Instructions:

We’re here to help you get started using GivingTrax and encourage you to contact us if there are any questions or if you’d like help posting content.

GivingTrax is a social network and cloud software for grant-making.  Many businesses use givingtrax to manage both corporate philanthropy and community giving.  They can also manage employee matching gifts.

Not all businesses list themselves in the community, however, for those that do, you are able to browse and click through to their pages to view their giving criteria, recent donations & to post comments on their page.

If you meet their criteria, you are able to submit a grant request.

Here are a few tips that will help if you have been invited to submit a grant request by a member that does not list themselves in the community:

–          If the member sent you a link to their page, you may save it for future reference

–          When you first are directed to their page and click on the “submit request” button, you will be directed to register and/or log-in if you have already registered.  Givingtrax will redirect you back to the Member’s page after you complete the 2 registration pages.

–          If you have navigated away from the business member’s page, or are otherwise not directed back to it, you will need to click on the link to the page from within their website,  or the click on the link emailed to you.

–          Once the request is submitted, you will see it on the home dashboard in the table below the “you’ve raised xx this year” box.  If you don’t see it, place your mouse curser along the bottom of the table, left click and

Drag the lower edge of the table down to display more rows.  If you still do not see the request, click on the magnifying glass in the lower left corner of the donation table.  Clear any text in the filter.

Please take a moment to complete your nonprofit profile and microsite page.   These only need to be updated as information about your organization changes.

When you are ready to submit a grant request, you will only need to add the unique characteristics of that particular ask.    Links to your profile & page will be included automatically in the request when it is received by the business member.  And, when approved, please do take a moment to post a “thank-you” on the businesses’ page.

There are also a number of fundraising tools in GivingTrax, such as a Facebook donation button, that are available at no charge to you.    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

We enjoy supporting you.