Getting Started:  Welcome & Introduction

Thank you for joining GivingTrax.  Welcome to the community of businesses giving back.

When you first register for GivingTrax, you will land on your “home dashboard.    This is a snapshot of your activity in GivingTrax.

Notice, there are three content boxes at the top of your dashboard, just under the menu bar.  These provide quick links to help you get started and to perform common activities in GivingTrax.

Follow these steps to setup and use GivingTrax in as little as 15 minutes.

There are 3 navigation areas in GivingTrax.  The very top menu bar provides access to the community including wishes, events, a member directory; along with a quick link to edit your business and your user profile.

The main navigation area is the horizontal menu bar with the “home” icon on the left.  The main navigation provides access to:

  • The Donation Manager, allowing you to view current or past donations, sponsorship and grant requests, to add donations or sponsorships made outside of the system, and to export your data to Excel spreadsheets;
  • Your GivingTrax page, is referred to as a microsite.  This is your public page in GivingTrax.  It can also be add to Facebook;
  • Reports, include both visual pie charts showing the breakdown of your donations and snapshot of your impact and the underlying details;
  • Your business profile menu is used to setup your account

Selecting an option in the drop down menu accesses the 3rd navigational level for that topic.

For example, on the “business Profile” dropdown, let choose “edit your business” to access the setup menu and input your organization’s basic information.

A series of tabs below the navigation bar allow you to select your giving criteria, administer employee giving programs, edit your page, connect to Facebook, create cause marketing campaigns including match challenges & fundraising pages,  and to add budgets.  Permissions are also accessed through this menu.

Let’s click on “home” and look more closely at the home dashboard.

Below, the three getting started content boxes, is a snapshot of how much you have given this year, how much in total and “thanks” received.

The next content area is the donation, sponsorship and grant request table.  New and draft donations appear here.

At the bottom of your home dashboard, you will see match challenge offers by other members in the community, events, your favorite causes and giving partners.

To get started, follow the 3 steps in the top content boxes on the home dashboard:

1.  First, click on the “create giving profile” and make the desired selections to set your giving criteria.  Your giving criteria acts as a filter.  If the donation, sponsorship or grant request meets your criteria, it is allowed through to your dashboard.

Note:  If you are a non-profit organization, click on the “basic Information” tab in your profile and add the requested information about your organization.

2.  Next, Click on “Edit my Page” in the 2nd box, add your banner image, logo and desired content.

3.  Next, when your page is ready, update your permissions to activate the “submit request” button on your GivingTrax page and check the box to Enable public access to your page.

Optionally, check the box to be listed in the community.  That is all is needed to get started.

4.  If you have donations to add to GivingTrax, click on “add donation” in the 3rd box.

You are now ready to manage donations, sponsorships, and grant requests using GivingTrax.