Getting Started:  Selecting Giving Criteria

To create your giving criteria, click on “business profile” in the main menu bar, then select “edit”.

Next, click on the “giving criteria” tab.  Your giving criteria selections act as filters.  If the nonprofit or school meets your criteria, their request is allowed through to your dashboard.

These selections allow you narrow the number of donation, sponsorship and grant requests you receive to those that you are most likely to approve.  Alternately, if you want to receive more requests, you can expand your selections.

First, choose where you want to give.  This selection compares the nonprofit’s location to the address you entered in the basic information tab when you registered and is referred to as your giving zone.

You can choose local, regional, national or international.

To narrow the geographic zone further, you can enter a giving radius around your location, narrowing your giving zone down to a 1 mile radius, if needed.   For example, we can choose a 10 mile radius.

If you are a consumer facing business, you may prefer to enter the zip codes that map to your trade area.  Choose the radius approach or zip code approach, but not both.

If you did not enter an address during registration, you may click on the basic information tab at any time to enter it.

Larger organizations, often want to limit donation and grant requests based on “how the funds will be used”.   These fall into general categories, such as capacity or infrastructure building, capital expense, operating expense and so on.  In this example, we will choose all the selections.  

Giving preference is “how you want to give”.  You can choose cash, in-kind product, in-kind service, gift certificate which includes gift cards and volunteer labor.

Be sure to choose whether you want to receive event-related requests, or not, and if so, the minimum number of attendees you may require to be present at the event.

Next,  enter the maximum value of the request that will be allowed.   Click “save” to at the bottom of the form to save your selections.

On the right-hand side of the page, you will see types of causes listed in a table.  These will act as a filters, further refining your giving criteria to specific types of nonprofits and schools.

Nonprofits are categorized by using a National Taxonomy of Exempt Organizations coding system, commonly known as NTEE codes.   If you are using the geographic radius approach and want to allow all nonprofits and schools within that radius to be allowed to submit a donation or grant request, no action is needed.  The default settings will allow all requests though to your dashboard.

To narrow  the donation, sponsorship and grant requests to specific types of nonprofits, first select the general high-level category, for example “Arts, Culture & Humanities” to expand the selection content box.  You can then to select specific types of nonprofits by their 3-digit code.   You can choose the entire category or by specific 3-digit code for the desired causes.

For example, if you choose “Art Museums”, which is A51 and “Children’s Museums”, A52”, then scroll down to “Youth Development” and choose O23 for the “Boys & Girls Clubs” and all of  “human services”, by checking the “select all box”.  Click on “save” to save your selections.  

Based on these selections, Art Museums, Children’s Museums, the Boys & Girls Clubs and Human Services organizations within a 10 mile radius of our location meet our criteria.  Requests from these organizations will be allowed through to our dashboard, provided our remaining giving criteria, such as the maximum dollar value of the specific request, are met.

When a nonprofit or school initiates a request, they will see a summary of your specific giving criteria.  This will help ensure their request meets the variable settings you have entered.

We invite you to read the next section in the getting started series, “Editing Your Page”.