Getting Started:  Managing Donations, Sponsorships & Grants

When a new donation, sponsorship or grant request arrives on your dashboard, a notification will be sent to you by email.  To view the request, click on the link in the email, log-in to GivingTrax and scroll down to the middle of your homepage dashboard.

You will see the new donation, sponsorship or grant request in a summary table below the boxes showing how much you’ve given.  If the donation is not visible, click on the magnifying glass in the lower left corner of the table to open the Quick Search field.  Clear any text in the field by clicking on “Reset”.

You can enlarge the table by placing your curser over the lower border, depress the left mouse button, and drag the border down to expand.

Five actions can be taken on the donation, sponsorship or grant request from this dashboard view:

  • The “Pencil” allows editing of the request;   
  • The green “check” is a quick approve;
  • The clock allows you to defer the request to a later date;
  • The red circle with the cross bar icon declines the request; and
  • The magnifying glass allows you to view the details  

For example, click on the magnifying glass to “view” the donation or sponsorship request.  This view provides a snapshot of what the nonprofit or school is seeking.

At the top, you will see whether this request is being submitted directly by the nonprofit, as in this case; or by an individual or business asking their behalf.    You will only see requests by individuals or other businesses if you specifically selected this option in your permissions.

GivingTrax allows you to choose between two request forms.  The default is the short form.    A larger, traditional grant request form can be selected in your permissions tab.

The request form provides a snapshot of what the nonprofit or school is seeking and includes links to their profile and page, providing more information about the organization.

The action buttons at the top of the form allow you to:

  • Print the request;
  • mail it to others;
  • Edit or modify the amount or items being requested, or other aspects of the request, before approving it;
  • View the nonprofits profile;
  • Approve, Defer or Decline the Request

To view the nonprofit profile, click on the “view profile” button.  This will bring a pop-up view of their profile information.

Use the scroll bar along the right side of the pop-up box to scroll down to view their profile content.

Click the “x” in the top right-hand corner of the dialog box to close it and return to the request form.

To view the nonprofit or school page, click on the hotlink under their name & logo.  This will bring you to their GivingTrax page, or microsite, where you can view public information about their organization, mission and  other donors.

Click the “back” arrow in your browser to return to the request form.

At the bottom of the request form are a couple quick action buttons and a comment field.  Comments entered here are only visible by authorized users within your organization.

When you approve the donation by clicking on the “Approve” button, a new dialog box opens to allowing you to choose the method that to fulfill the donation.  If you are giving a monetary donation, GivingTrax allows you to choose to check-out by traditional paper check or by credit card.

To apply the donation to a specific budget, click on the dropdown in the budget area and select the budget category.

Delivery, pick up or any other instructions or comments entered in the comment box will be shared with the requesting nonprofit.   This is a good time to ask the recipient nonprofit or school to post on your page, so we recommend you include a comment to say “please do take a moment to post on our page – thank you”.

When you are ready, click the “submit” button.

To view the approved donation, select “Donation Manager” next to the home icon on the main navigation bar.  Then, select “overview”.

This is the detailed donations dashboard.  You will see the donations table below the summary boxes.

Notice the tabs along the top of the table.  This view provide a complete history of all donations including:

  • New Requests
  • Approved, Deferred, Declined, Past Donations and All Records

Above the table are two action buttons providing the ability to:

  • search by nonprofit; and
  • Export the records to an Excel spreadsheet

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