Getting Started:  Editing Your Branded Page

Your branded page, or microsite, tells your community story.  It is your public page and is searchable in Google and other search engines.

If you do not wish to publish your page, you may un-check the box in your permissions tab.

Your GivingTrax page includes both static content we will create and dynamic content that updates the page based on activity taking place within the system.

Your branded page tells your community story and automatically shares donations as they are approved in GivingTrax when you check the box to publish them.    

The top area of your page shows a hero image, your logo and total amount given.  You may toggle the amount given on and off in your permissions tab.

When you are logged into GivingTrax, hotlinks will be visible on the page to allow quick edits and will be visible just below the hero image.

Scrolling down, displays content we will be creating in this video along with our giving criteria and logos of nonprofits & schools we have supported.  Logos will automatically populate your page as donations are approved.

Notice the branded page is divided into tabs.  The second tab shows photos you have attached and want to share. 

Impact stories & thanks tab, shares posts including photos entered by page visitors and the nonprofit & school recipients.  You have full control to delete posts as desired, by clicking on  “remove”.

The donations tab allows you to selectively share donations as they are approved in GivingTrax.  You may choose to share all, some or none.  Also, you may choose to share the name of the recipient only, the recipients’ name along with a donation amount or a range.  

If the nonprofit has created a public page, it is visible as a hotlink.

To edit your page, go to the home dashboard screen and click on the “edit my page” button located in the “Step 2” box.

GivingTrax provides a basic format to create & edit pages using content boxes, allowing anyone to add desired text and pictures. 

First, Notice the URL assigned to your page.  If you wish to change it, please do so before you connect GivingTrax to your social media accounts and website. 

Next, add your logo and a banner or hero image.  Notice the pixel size recommendations.  If you need help adjusting your images, you may email them to us and we will re-size the images and attach them to your page. 

Although your Logo may appear as an empty “box” in the editor after uploading it, the logo will display correctly on your page.

Often, consumers will search for restaurants or other businesses giving back by including the word “giving back” in their search string.  Let’s look at an example.

In key word searches searches, the resulting list that appears includes a Title and Brief Description for each listing.                          

The top line in bold is the Title, followed by a Brief Description below.

GivingTrax allows you to enter the specific text you want viewers to see in the search results.  

Please follow these tips to ensure your page appears in the search results correctly: 

  • For the SEO Title, we recommend using a title that includes your company name and your “giving back” or “we care” program name, if you have one along with the words giving back. 
  • Be sure not to exceed 58 Characters including spaces for the title as only the first 58 characters will appear.  Example: “Round Table Pizza Restaurant Giving Back to Local Community”
  • The Description allows you to expand on the Title.  Be sure to include your company name and include the name of your program along with the words giving back, again, in the same manner as you did for the Title.  The character limit including spaces for the Description is 156 Characters.
  • For Key Words:  Add 1 or 2 key words or very short 2-3 word phrases, be sure the key words are contained in both the Title and the Description content boxes above.  

For example, Key Words:

  • “Round Table Pizza,
  • “Round Table Pizza Restaurant”, and
  • “Restaurants Giving Back”

Notice these key words are included in both the Title and the Description.  This is a key element of search engine optimization.

Next, be sure to use your key words once or twice in each of the content areas below.   For example, if you are a restaurant and want to appear in searches for “restaurants giving back”,  that term needs to be repeated 4-5 times on the page.

Suggested content for you to include is highlighted in the entry boxes, including a brief description about your company and your community impact. 

These are simply a guide to foster ideas.  You may choose to share your story in whatever manner that best meets your needs.  Add as much or as little as you like.  If you wish to copy content from your website, use the keyboard control + the letter “v” to paste it into your page.

Please note, the about us section actually appears at the bottom of your page. 

If you are familiar with html, there is an option to click on the “html” tab in each box to add content using html.

Click “Save” at the bottom of the form when you are done.

To see what your page looks like to consumers and the general public,  scroll to the top of the edit screen and click the hotlink “view microsite”.

We invite you to view the next item in the getting started series, “Managing Donations”.