Getting Started:  Adding GivingTrax to Websites as Branded Community Page


Adding GivingTrax as a Branded Community Page, Tab or Link  on websites is actually very easy.

Follow these steps to add GivingTrax as a Branded Community Page in only 5 minutes:

*** Open GivingTrax ***

When you registered in GivingTrax, the snippet of code that is used to embed GivingTrax as what is referred to as an “i-frame” was automatically created.

To locate your custom code, log into GivingTrax and navigate to the “Widget Tab”.  First, click on “business Profile”, then choose the option to “edit your business”.  In the submenu area, click on the “widget tab”.

Scroll down to the highlighted content box.  This is the small piece of code that does the trick.  Copy and paste this code into a new page in your website.

You may adjust the width and height to meet the desired size to match your website look and feel.  We recommend starting with a width of 950 and height of 950.

Your website administrator will know how to do this.

If you do not wish to display your GivingTrax page as a branded page in your website, you can link to it.

GivingTrax members have used both approaches.  If you wish to link to GivingTrax, you may use the “We Give Back” Icon.  Others members simply include  a hotlink.

Sample content to use on your company website can be found in the helpcenter.

This concludes the “Getting Started” Series.

Advanced capabilities such as adding and managing multiple locations are available in the “Advanced Series” coming soon.