Getting Started:  Adding GivingTrax to Facebook:

This item describes how to embed your GivingTrax page into Facebook.

First, to embed GivingTrax, you will need to be signed into Facebook and be an authorized administrator of your company’s page to connect.  If you do not know who manages your company’s Facebook page, please contact us for assistance.  If you do not yet have a Facebook page and desire to create one, we’re happy to help.  

Adding GivingTrax as a page in Facebook is relatively easy.  If you are the manager of the page or are able engage the manager directly, please follow these steps to add GivingTrax:

First, log into Facebook.

Click on the gear icon in the upper right to choose “use Facebook as”, selecting the page in which you want to add GivingTrax.

Notice the tabs under the hero image.  If you already have tabs, click on the small dropdown arrow.  This expands the tabs section.

If you have not previously added tabs, select the next available tab and click on the “plus sign” in the top right corner.  In the drop down box, choose “find more apps”.

Enter “static html” in the search bar.  Select Static HTML: iframe tabs in the dropdown.  Click on the large “Add Static html to a page” button.

If you receive an error message, saying “your facebook page already has the “static html  App Tab installed, as shown here,  please do the following:

First notice how many static html tabs are already being used, by looking for the tabs with a small “star” icon.

*** Log into GivingTrax ***

Next, Open a 2nd browser window, then log into GivingTrax.  Select “business Profile” from the main menu bar, choose the “edit your  business” option,  in the dropdown, then click on the “widgets tab” .

Here you will find step by step instructions to follow.  Scroll down to the links at the bottom and choose the  link for the next incremental html static page.  In this case, we will choose the link next to “adding the 3rd tab”.

***  Clicking on the hotlink brings you back to Facebook ***

Click on the blue button to add the static html to the page.     Click the small dropdown arrow next to the selection for “choose Facebook Pages” and select the desired page.  Then, click the blue “add Page tab” button.

Check to see that you are still using facebook as the desired page.  If Facebook reverted to your personal view, click on the gear in the upper right corner and select the desired page.

Click on the small dropdown arrow to the right of the last tab, if you do not see the new tab.

The new tab is labeled “welcome”.

To embed GivingTrax, click on the “star” in the middle of the tab box.

This will open a new view.  Click the  green “edit tab” button.  In the middle content box, to the right of the “star” icon, is an option to “see more apps”.  Click on “see more apps”.

This will open up a vertical menu column on the left and a large content box area on the right.  In the left menu column, choose “Website”, then choose the green “use Website app” button.

The next view will likely give you this warning, “Secure Hosting Recommended”.   This is a fee-based warning message.  We do not require that this option be used.

Under the warning message is a content area to enter the web page address.  Copy and  paste your full GivingTrax url into this content box.  You can exclude the numbers at the very end of the url, but do include the https://.

*** Return to GivingTrax ***

The easiest way to do this is to return to the 2nd browser that is logged in to GivingTrax and view your page.  Click on the “home icon”, then the button in the “step 2 box” to edit your page. 

Copy and  paste the url back into Facebook, leaving off the pound side & numbers at the end.

Paste this url into facebook.  Then, click on the blue “save & publish” button.  You will now see your GivingTrax page.

Next, click on the “View tab in Facebook” button in the top left of the viewing area.

From here, you can choose to view the tab as a visitor to see what your facebook fans will see, or you can go back to your page.

Click the “view the tab as a visitor”, then click on “open visitor Mode”.  This is the exact view your customers and fans will experience.  Notice you can scroll down and navigate through your GivingTrax page and its tabs without leaving facebook.

We are logged into GivingTrax, so you will also see the hotlinks to edit your page.

Now that your GivingTrax page is added, the next step is to add an image to the tab.

To return to your Facebook main page, click on it’s name in the upper left corner of the viewing area.

Scroll down to the tabs and click the small dropdown, if necessary to view the tab we just added.  Notice it still says “welcome” with the star.

Hovering your mouse over the tab will active a “pencil” icon to edit the tab.  Click on the “pencil”, then choose edit settings in the lower part of the drop down menu.

Add the desired tab name in the content box and click the blue “save”.  In this case, we’ll name the  tab “We Care”.

Click “okay”.

The last step is to add a desired image.  GivingTrax makes the “We Give Back” icon available, or you may want to use an image associated with your brand or  “We Care” program.

Open the settings again.  Notice the small selection called, Custom Tab Image: with the hotlink “change”  has been added.  Click on “change”.

This will bring up a new view of the tab with the “star”.  Hover your mouse over the “star” in the center of the icon.  Then click on the “edit” when it pop-up.  You can now choose to upload an image from your computer.

Notice the deminsions.  The image must be exactly 111 pixels wide x 74 pixels high to upload as a tab image.

To use GivingTrax “We Give Back”  icon,  return to the widget  tab in GivingTrax and download the image.

*** Return to GivingTrax ***

We will do this by returning to the 2nd browser session, selecting “business profile” in the main menu, then selecting “edit business” to open our profile.  Click on the “widget” tab.

Scroll down to locate the hotlink for the “We Give Back” icon and click on it.

This will bring up the image.  Right click on the image, then choose the “save as” option.  Save to a location that will be easy to find.

*** Return to Facebook ***

Return to Facebook and click on “choose file”.  Navigate to the image you desire and double click on it.  The tab is now updated with your new image.

There is no direct hotlink to return to your Facebook page.

*** Close all Facebook sessions and open fresh page ***

We recommend closing all the open Facebook pages and opening a new browser session.

Click on the gear icon in the  upper right and choose the desired page.

Scroll down to the tabs.  Click on the small drop-down to the right of the tabs to activate the edit tab mode

If you would like to relocate your new “We Care” or “We Give Back” to another position, hover over the image, then click on the “pencil”  when it pops up to edit.

In the first menu section is an option to swap positions.  You may need to swap another tab first.

Please contact us if you would like assistance embedding GivingTrax into your Facebook page or updating your tabs.  We’re happy to help.

We invite you to view the next item in our Getting Started Series, “Adding GivingTrax to your company website as your branded Community Page”