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Employee Match Gifts

Employee Matching Gifts
YMMC is pleased to offer an employee donation match and volunteer match program to support the organizations that our employees support.   
All permanant, full-time, employees are eligible each calendar for:
  • $500 for donation match and
  • $500 for volunteer match ($10 per volunteer hour)

Yamaha reserves the right to approve or deny donation requests at our sole discretion.


Submit an Employee Matching Gifts Request:

Matching Process:  Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America uses GivingTrax to process matching gifts.

Employees can contribute and apply for matching contributions two ways.

  • GivingTrax [Make Donation] button via Credit Card (donation will be less credit card fee).
  • Donate directly to a eligiable organization and upload receipt via the [Request Match] button. 


Steps to Connect with us in GivingTrax:

If you received an email notification with credentials, you have already been registered and connected to us in GivingTrax.  

If you are unsure, you may contact GivingTrax at [email protected]  to check.  If you need to register, please follow steps 1-3 below:

1.  Visit www.GivingTrax.com to login with the credentials provided to you.


If you do not yet have an account, choose the option to register, then proceed to steps 2 and 3.

2.  After creating your GivingTrax account, visit our public page and click on the "connect"  next to our logo.  

If you were redirected to log-in first, you may need to click on the "connect" button, again.

3.  Choose "employee" in the dropdown list, then "submit".

You will receive an email notice when the employee connection has been approved.  

Please wait until you receive the notification before proceeding with the next step.  

You only need to do this ONE time.


Steps to Submit an Employee Matching Gifts Request in GivingTrax:

4.  Login to GivingTrax using the link in the top menu bar or by visiting:  https://www.GivingTrax.com/app/login/

5a.  If you desire to make a donation through GivingTrax, search for nonprofit wishes or the desired nonprofit.

       Then click on "CLICK N GIVE".  Follow the on-screen steps to complete your donation and matching gift request. 

5b.  If you made a donation outside of GivingTrax and wish for us to match it, please follow these steps:

Login by visiting:  https://www.GivingTrax.com/app/login/

After logging in, you will see a "request matching gift" button on your dashboard.

  Tip:  Please have an electronic copy of your receipt ready so that it may be attached to the request.


Steps to Check the Status:

You will see your donation on the "my donations" tab and the matching gift request to Yamaha Motor

Manufacturing Corporation of America on the "my requests" tab.  

When the donation is approved, you will receive an email notification.

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America reserves the right to approve or deny donation requests at our sole discretion. 


For questions on using GivingTrax, please contact:

[email protected]

(206) 486-0185

Or, click "More Options" to chat from the "Get Help" tab.

Donation Id Cause From Amount Type Classification

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America (YMMC) has a long-standing commitment of giving back to our surrounding communities and supporting the Yamaha Motor Corporation Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

 All Corporate Donations are funded by the YMMC Recycling program where our employees recycle waste materials such as plastic, cardboard and metal, allowing YMMC to reduce our impact on the environment and support community efforts and organizations.

The YMMC Corporate Donation Program includes:

Community Impact

YMMC Corporate Giving Philosophy

While support in other areas may be considered, our corporate giving philosophy focuses its support towards qualified 501(c)(3) or state/local government 170(c)(1) organizations which provide services in the following focus areas: 

Focus Areas


 GeoYMMC chooses to limit Corporate Donations to organizations serving in Coweta County and the surrounding counties where most eligible employees live including Coweta, Fayette, Troup, Carroll, Meriwether and South Fulton (cities of Fairburn, Palmetto, Union City, College Park and East Point) counties. 

Note: Employee donation match and employee volunteer match is allowed outside of target community.


YMMC does not donate to/for:

  • Political organizations/activities
    • Labor organizations/activities
    • Fraternal organizations/activities
    • Religious organizations promoting their doctrine/belief system (Faith based organizations/activities serving human need and available to all are allowed within set guidelines)
    • High Overhead fundraising events such as Dinners, Concerts, etc.
    • Individual Community sports team, troop, pack, etc. (school sports teams, Leagues, Councils, Regions ok)
    • Individuals



For questions on using GivingTrax, please contact:

[email protected]

(206) 486-0185

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