by Save Honolua Coalition
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Records show that over 800 people a day visit Honolua Bay from the land and we are the only entity to provide port-a-potties to this heavily used area.  Three port-a-potties pumped out 3/week runs about $800/month.  Please donate our current grant runs out September 2015 and we have yet to receive further funding for this sanitary need.

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Donations for this Wish will be accepted starting 08/18/2015 and ending on 08/18/2016.

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Raised of $9,060.00 goal

Latest Givers

We are a 100% volunteer organization that has successfully lobbied to stop development in the area (thus far) we have also successfully lobbied the State of Hawaii to purchase appx 270 acres in Honolua area which includes over 4 miles of coast line.


Maintain open space, public access and revitalize the health of Honolua Ahupua'a through community based management utilizing Native Hawaiian practices and values.

Community Impact

We advocate and lobby for the health of Honolua Ahupua'a, we pay for port-a-potties at this heavily used tourist area, participate in heiau restoration and organize community clean-ups.

Board Members

Tamara Paltin, John Carty, Ananda Stone, Courtney Okief, Hannah Bernard, Glenn Kamaka, David Kapaku

Save Honolua Coalition
P.O. Box 11904
Lahaina, HI, 96761
Phone: 808-870-0052
[email protected]