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The Permission To Start Dreaming Foundation presents the 2019 Swing For A Soldier Golf Tournament at Canterwood Golf + Country Club in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Join us on July 8th with a 12 PM shotgun start for a great day of golf, camaraderie and a great cause!

What to expect at the tournament:
Traditional 4-person scramble format (Cost: $250 per person)
Registration includes: Gold Cart, Gift Bag, Practice Range, Boxed Lunch, Dinner

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Address: Canterwood Country Club (12606 54th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor, WA)

Donations for this Volunteer Event will be accepted starting with no end date.

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Since its inception in 2011, the Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation has grown in our active support of local veterans and has expanded to include support to first responders. In 2018, over 50 veteran and first responders attended our monthly “huddles,” which are small meetings designed to promote healing and connection between veterans and first responders; 24 participated in our first post traumatic growth workshop in the fall, with 4 workshops planned for 2019; and we sponsored 6 veterans to attend Boulder Crest Retreat (BCR) in Arizona.   In the words of the BCR Director of Training, “these men have transformed in magnificent ways…they have come out the other side of this program connected to themselves and each other….the beginnings of a great foundation”.  

The PTSDF has partnered with many other organizations over the years to ensure that the needs of our veterans are being met, including Veterans Expeditions, Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors, All American Assistance Dogs, Operation Ward 57, Growing Veterans, Spikes K9 Fund, Crista Camps, and USO Northwest.  We are also blessed with a community of volunteers, who have become our compassionate allies to help instill a better understanding of PTSD and TBI in our area.  They also help us move our veterans and first responders to a position of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) and help release them from the “disorder” associated with PTSD.


Our mission is to discover and help veterans and first responders throughout western Washington access effective, long-term solutions to transform Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury into Post-Traumatic Growth.

Community Impact

The PTSD Foundation is working to restore self-awareness and renew hope for returning warriors by providing the right relationships, right people and the right resources.  One of the ways we are doing this is by offering veterans a chance to participate in a proven model that is immersive and therapeutic.  

 Our approach will have a direct impact on the lives the service member and first responders with PTSD/TBI and their family.  They will see a reduced suicide rate; reduced alcoholism and other addictions; fewer broken families with less of the abuse and seclusion that often come with it.  They will also experience an increased quality of life through higher rates and quality of employment, increased social interaction through greater trust and reduced anxiety, enhanced levels of physical, emotional, social and spiritual health, and the ability to have positive dreams, both while sleeping and while awake. This is the source of our simple core statement -- giving veterans and first responders Permission To Start Dreaming.

There will also be direct, positive impacts on the community, which will be comprised of a more informed and educated population, ready to take action to step alongside their military family members, neighbors, friends and coworkers to show them they are not alone. Bottom of Form

Board Members

Mickey Traugutt

Christer Bradley

Alec Zarelli

Kelsey Storset

Suzanne Kirsch

Cameron Smith

Justin Uhler

Paul Gruver

Packy Rieder

Mike Mitchell

Alex Langlow

Jason Emerson

Scott Sabo

Don Gartlan

PTSD Foundation
GIG HARBOR, WA, 98335-1254
Phone: (253) 432-6502
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