"Keep the Feast Coming" seafood benefit

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We are seeking donation of food, silent auction items, or sponsorships for our annual "Keep the Feast Coming" benefit. Donations allow us to spend funds where they're most needed, keeping operating expenses down and more dollars foucsed on our mission: protecting seafood at the source. As it's an annual event, we can accept auction items such as gift cards or baskets all year round. Thank you for considering!

The event (May 10th, 2019):

Aboard the crab vessel F/V North American (as seen on Deadliest Catch), docked in Ballard

Join Brad Warren of Global Ocean Health/NFCC

Erling Skaar of F/V North American & GenTech

Terry Williams of Tulalip Tribes

Pete Knutson of Loki Fish, and many more.

The ocean feeds us well. 

Join us to Keep the Feast Coming.

Protecting abundant waters with Global Ocean Health.

Tour the vessel’s emissions-reducing technology and learn how Global Ocean Health empowers fishermen, growers, and tribes to tackle ocean acidification, hypoxia, sea level rise and related threats. It is the flagship program of the National Fisheries Conservation Center.

Hear from waterfront leaders about the work of Global Ocean Health in ensuring that the ocean continues to produce the fish and shellfish we love, for our grandchildren and beyond. Enjoy networking with like-minded folks, an amazing seafood spread, and some entertainment! 

Eat, drink, and enjoy yourself aboard a beautiful vessel on the Ballard docks - while supporting a great cause.

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Address: The F/V North American, 1100 Ewing St, Seattle WA 98119

Donations for this Volunteer Event will be accepted starting with no end date.

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Latest Givers

Board Members

Brad Warren, Executive Director, National Fisheries Conservation Center

Suzanne Iudicello Martley, Iudicello & Assoc. Consulting

Brad Matsen, Independent writer and photographer

Thane Tienson, Partner, Landye Bennett Blumstein

Dr. Ruth Gates, Research Professor, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology & Oceanography

Terry Williams, Fisheries, Natural Resources, and Treaty Rights Office Commissioner, Tulalip Tribes

Mark Gleason, ioCurrents

Samuel Chen, Hudson Valley Fish Farms

Statement from Board:

Our mission is to ensure a future for the biodiversity of our oceans and the billions who rely on its abundance by fulfilling our role as a trusted educator and arbitrator within the fisheries community and beyond. We form a bridge between the various sectors of the fishing community, environmental groups, government agencies, and the public by presenting in plain terms the many issues facing our ocean today; by tackling carbon emissions at the root (the source of so many urgent problems); creating forums where divergent points of view can be expressed and examined and conflicts resolved collaboratively, with no predetermined outcomes; developing mechanisms to improve the collection and flow of important information; and facilitating the development and implementation of innovative problem-solving approaches. We welcome and value all stakeholders with respect for all and bias towards none. We have spent decades earning the trust of those who make their livelihoods on the water and are thus equipped for this work as few other organizations are.