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Macayo's is pleased to support our local communities.  Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with local schools and nonprofits in the areas we serve.  

We are now using GivingTrax to consolidate our efforts and to speed up responding to requests for donations and sponsorships.  Please note, all requests must now be submitted through GivingTrax to be considered.

Currently, Macayo's offers three community programs.  Please review the eligibility criteria summarized below and select the desired program to access and complete the respective application.

  • Benefit Night
  • In-Kind Donations 
  • Sponsorships

Recipient Organization Eligibility Criteria:

  • Schools within a 5 mile radius of our restaurants are eligible for all 3 programs
  • 501(C)(3) Nonprofits within a 5 mile radius of our restaurants are eligible for Benefit Night and In-Kind Donations

As a volunteer fundraiser, you may request an in-kind donation or Benefit Night on behalf of your school or nonprofit.   If you are requesting a Takeover Fundraiser, you must be in a role that allows you to fulfill the organization's requirements of participation.

For more details, please visit the subpage for each program.

Don't forget to visit our partner sites:
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