The Gift of Life - A Story You Won't Forget - Jason Schechterle

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"As a former police officer & burn survivor, his story captivates and inspires."  Christopher Grahm

Jason's presentation will show you about:

Overcoming adversity

Life Change

The Power of Love

The Human Spirit

Embracing Challenges

Always Be the Best Version of You

"The one true blessing we have, the one thing we can control, is our attitude.  It's the only thing you have control over, every single day, in every situation..."  Jason Schechterle  

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Life Alaska offers the opportunity of donation to Alaskans. We are committed to supporting Alaska donor families while striving to meet the transplant needs for all patients.  As the need for transplantable tissue and organs continues to increase, we are indebted to the generosity of our Alaskan neighbors.  

Our tissue donation services team has the privilege of helping improve people's lives.  Tissue donation can help thousands of people each year.  Our clinical staff work to facilitate anatomical donation.  Donated tissues such as corneas, bone and soft tissue, cardiovascular tissue and skin can save or dramatically improve the lives of many people suffering from illness or injury.  

Life Alaska manages the Alaska Donor Registry which has over 527,000 registrants.  Alaska's Donor Designation Share is at 92.92%, second only to Montana.  

Life Alaska began acquiring birth tissue in 2017.  This living donation opportunity offers expectant parents the ability to donate their baby's placenta and umbilical cord for transplantation.  These tissues are otherwise discarded after delivery as medical waste.  These birth tissue donations give the gift of healing to those in need.  Tissue grafts from one placenta can heal up to 50 patients.  These tissues can be used by doctors to help heal difficult or slow-healing wounds, eye injuries, dental injuries, burns and diabetic ulcers.  

Life Alaska is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), this accreditation ensures that Life Alaska's tissue banking activites are performed in a professional manner in compliance with established standards.  Federal laws prohibit buying or selling human tissues.  Donors are not compensated for their anatomical gifts and donors are not subjected to any expenses associated with the donation.  


Transforming lives, supporting families and serving our community through the gift of organ and tissue donation.  Our vision is a future when donation is the standard and everyone is willing to be a hero to someone in need.

Community Impact

Since inception in 1991, Life Alaska Donor Services, a non-profit organization, has facilitated post-mortem anatomical donation in Alaska, providing thousands of tissues for transplantation to Alaskan patients and throughout the world.  We provide tissue distribution to local surgeons and work in partnership with LifeCenter Northwest to educate the community about anatomical donation.  Life Alaska also has an extensive Family Services bereavement program that places a major emphasis on the well-being of donor families, during and after the donation process.  Families who have had a positive experience with donation, often go on to be advocates of the process.  Our stance is that Alaska is a small community and our donor families are our neighbors, so we treat them accordingly.    

Board Members

Kim Colbo

Vicky Phillips, R.N.

Bob Ulbrich

Griffith Steiner, M.D.

Codie Costello

Dominic Hasara

Matt Heilala, DPM FACFAS

Joann Jensen

Lesil McGuire

Kevin O'Connor

Karl Sanford, Emeritus

Thomas Wood, M.D. Emeritus


235 East 8th Avenue
Suite 100
Anchorage, AK, 99501-3656
Phone: 9075625433
[email protected]