2015 Hawaii Robofest Program

by Isis Hawaii
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Since 2000, the Robofest program (Founder/Director, Dr. CJ Chung, Lawrence Tech University, Michigan) has provided thousands of students worldwide with a highly engaging portal to the world of STEM (i.e., science, tech, engineering, math) through autonomous robotics activities and competition. Introduced to Hawaii in 2006, isisHawaii has hosted the largest regional tournament among Robofest's participating sites in seven foreign countries and eight states with over 250 tournament participants from grades 3 to 8.

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Donations for this Wish will be accepted starting 07/02/2014 and ending on 12/31/2014.

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Founded in 2002, isisHawaii is a Hawaii-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to education enrichment by introducing innovative methodologies to engage students and increase academic achievement. We believe in student-centered learning and assist educators in helping students to become "shapers of knowledge" vs. consumers of information.


To provide students with the skills, relevant experiences and support that will empower them to reach their potential through personal development, higher education and career exploration.

Community Impact

Since 2002, isisHawaii has been connecting K-12 schools with professionals from academia, industry and the community to co-design engaging, culturally responsive, problem-based activities to increase student achievement and self-efficacy. Our primary targets are schools in disadvantaged communities. We provide experiential 21st century learning activities for educators and students that stimulate discovery, creativity and innovation.  

Board Members

Lynn Fujioka, President/Executive Director (isisHawaii)

Amy Weintraub, Vice President (Hawaii Academy of Science, Maui Economic Development Board)

Russ Sumida, Secretary (AdStreamz)

Melanie Sumida, Treasurer (Waialae Public Charter School, Friends of Waialae)

Sheryl Hom, Board Member (Hom Creative Directions)

Isis Hawaii
2313 Cooper Rd
Honolulu, HI, 96822
Phone: (808) 988-1931
[email protected]