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We are honored to be joining a community of like-minded businesses giving back and banding together to make a collective impact by using a shared tool that benefits nonprofits locally and across the country. Using a shared cloud-based tool lowers the cost of administration for organizations seeking corporate and employee contributions. We invite you to join us!

Helac Corporation



A leader in the rotary actuation industry for 45 years, Helac Corporation manufactures helical hydraulic rotary actuators and construction equipment attachments. 

We are located in Enumclaw, WA.

Community Impact

Helac Corporation makes a difference in our community

Children and Education

The future of our community and our nation starts with helping to raise confident, well educated children. We support a gamut of programs aimed at our youngest community members, ranging from tutoring and education scholarships to youth sports and events.

Employee Involvement

We support all of the causes that our employees are involved in to help promote a balanced life style. Our employees have a diverse set of interests that include Campfire or Boy Scouts, choir, art, sports, and supporting Student Ambassadors.

Community Well Being

One of Helac's largest contributions for the well being of our community was to build a Helipad on our property for emergency care transfer. We also support our local healthcare, fire department and food bank to give back to the backbone of our community.


We take the responsibility of our environmental quality seriously both within and outside of our organization. Recycling and waste reduction programs paired with continuous improvement of internal processes ensure minimal environmental impact as we manufacture products to customers in 42 countries around the world.

About Us

Help bring big ideas to life


Our People

Helac attracts dynamic, talented team members that are looking to make a difference in an environment where innovation and ideas are welcomed and rewarded. Helac's team has laid the foundation for over 50 U.S. and International patents, and sell our technology to over 42 countries around the world. 

Our Culture

We understand that taking care of our employees and our customers is the cornerstone to our success. We offer our employees a high performance culture that helps accelerate their career yet encourages a work/life balance while having serious fun. For our customers, our goal is to become their number one supplier by understanding their unmet needs and ensuring we always provide outstanding customer service through on-time delivery, product quality and cost effectiveness. 

Community Involvement

Giving back to our community has always been a high priority for Helac. We support all of the causes that our employees are involved in as well as support our community's well being through our annual donation program. The better our company performs, the more we give to support children's causes, education, the environment and the well being of our community. 

Leadership and Learning

At Helac, learning is the foundation for our success. We've created an on-the-job certification program to encourage our team members to grow within the organization. A series of leadership seminars are also offered quarterly to further challenge each of us to develop and lead a growing organization.

Giving Criteria

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We Support

 Arts, Culture & Humanities
 Youth Development
 Human Services
 Arts & Culture
 Arts Education
 Community Celebrations
 Art Museums
 History Museums
 Performing Arts
 Singing & Choral Groups
 Bands & Ensembles
 Performing Arts Schools
 Historical Societies & Historic Preservation
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Management & Technical Assistance
 Professional Societies & Associations
 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Support N.E.C.
 Elementary & Secondary Schools
 Primary & Elementary Schools
 Secondary & High Schools
 Special Education
 Charter Schools
 Vocational & Technical Schools
 Higher Education
 Two-Year Colleges
 Undergraduate Colleges
 Graduate & Professional Schools
 Adult Education
 Student Services
 Scholarships & Student Financial Aid
 Student Sororities & Fraternities
 Alumni Associations
 Educational Services
 Remedial Reading & Encouragement
 Parent & Teacher Groups
 Education N.E.C.
 Housing Development, Construction & Management
 Low-Income & Subsidized Rental Housing
 Single Organization Support
 Parks & Playgrounds
 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Support N.E.C.
 Youth Centers & Clubs
 Boys Clubs
 Girls Clubs
 Boys & Girls Clubs
 Adult & Child Matching Programs
 Big Brothers & Big Sisters
 Boy Scouts of America
 Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
 Camp Fire
 Youth Development Programs
 Youth Community Service Clubs
 Youth Development - Agricultural
 Youth Development - Business
 Youth Development - Citizenship
 Youth Development - Religious Leadership
 Youth Development N.E.C.
 Children & Youth Services
 Foster Care
 Child Day Care
 Family Services
 Single Parent Agencies
 Family Violence Shelters
 In-Home Assistance
 Family Services for Adolescent Parents
 Family Counseling
 Residential Care & Adult Day Programs
 Adult Day Care
 Group Homes
 Supportive Housing for Older Adults
 Homes for Children & Adolescents
 Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations
 Senior Centers
 Developmentally Disabled Centers
 Homeless Centers


Helac Corporation
225 Battersby Ave
Enumclaw, WA, 98022
Phone: 360-825-1601
[email protected]

Giving Partners

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On behalf of the White River Sting basketball program, I wanted to say thank you for your community support. The 2015-16 basketball season was our 3'd year as a program and we saw a lot of great things happen both on and off the court. The program grew in numbers - from 6 to 10 teams, over 70 youth playing basketball on the plateau preparing for White River High School basketball. The program offered additional training opportunities by partnering with Advantage sports and hosted two (2) tournaments at Glacier Middle School. Each participant played over 20 basketball games and had 2 practices per week. In addition, each player received a new uniform, sweatshirt, and shooting shirt. The financial support we receive from our sponsors helps us keep the cost to a minimum for the parents of this program. We decreased the program price by $100 per participant for the 2015-16 season solely on the money we raised from the basketball tournaments we host. Thank you, Rachel Marecle, Sting Basketball Board President.

Jessica H.  
on 07/11/2016 01:08:20 PM

Thank you for your support of the 2016 Enumclaw Empty Bowls event! Through your generous donation - we have given almost $30,000 to the two local food banks over the past five years. We couldn't do this without you and your support of this event is appreciated! Enumclaw Empty Bowls Planning Committee

Diane A.  
on 04/05/2016 12:49:56 PM

Thank you for your sponsorship. We appreciate your support. If you haven't already done so please e-mail your logo to [email protected]

Wendy W.  Gave to Enumclaw Rotary Foundation
on 12/18/2015 01:29:39 PM

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the White River STING Basketball program! As we start our 3rd season we are excited to have HELAC's support. Once we get the shooter shirts with your logo I will share a picture to this page. - On behalf of the board, our youth athletes and their families

Rachel M.  
on 11/25/2015 05:11:23 PM

thank you Picture from our tourney trip

Peyton W.  
on 07/21/2015 02:34:52 PM

Thank you for your generous donation to help fund the white river girls basketball team take part in a tournament in San Diego. We are going to face some of the best teams in the west. You are awesome. Peyton Wallen

Peyton W.  
on 06/30/2015 11:29:30 PM

Thank you for your generous donation to the 2015 Enumclaw Empty Bowls event! This event brings many people together to share their gifts and talents in a united effort to minimize hunger in our community. Potters and local crafts people create handcrafted bowls. Local restaurants and food establishments provide soups, and rolls. Even our Assisted Living residents participate by providing cookies. Guests arrive to the event for a simple soup meal, eager to choose a unique bowl which they keep as a symbol and reminder of all the empty bowls in the world and in our local community. It is always fun to hear from those that have attended the event about what a memorable event it is, and how indeed, the hand-crafted bowl they have selected is a continuing reminder through the years of the events purpose. Over the past 4 years we have been able to give 100% of the proceeds raised (totaling almost $23,000) to the two Enumclaw/Plateau area food banks. We couldn’t do this without you and your support of this event is appreciated! Enumclaw Empty Bowls Planning Committee

Diane A.  
on 04/16/2015 05:52:01 PM

We are so grateful for the donation! This has been a record breaking year for us and we have helped more people than every before. Thank you Helac for the support! Kids in the area will have New clothing items and school supplies to help with a successful school year.

Sheila S.  Gave to Donald Loomis Memorial Clothing Bank
on 01/14/2015 02:42:00 PM

HELAC has propelled the EHS Robotics Club to the forefront of the FTC League with their generous finical support and mentorship. Because of their assistance, the EHS Robotics Club has qualified for the FIRST State Competition for the fifth year in a row. HELAC’s support has made access to materials and the paying of organization fees possible- thus creating a real world opportunity for 27 EHS students. This opportunity has impacted the learning and vision our students. Thank you HELAC!

Camie W.  
on 01/13/2015 11:52:29 AM

A very warm thank you for the generous donation given to the White River High School choral program. We were in desperate need of new uniforms and with your gift, we have outfitted our Show Choir with gorgeous new dresses and tuxes. Our Chamber Choir now has black formals and tuxes with matching accessories. Our professional appearance will help raise the bar for years to come. We are incredibly grateful for your help.

on 10/16/2014 01:13:55 PM

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! It means the world to Imagination Theatre to get this donation & to be able to continue to do what we love. We're glad with your help to be able to provide an outlet for the young, creative minds that live in this community. We'd LOVE to see you at our shows!

Stu J.  Gave to Imagination Theatre
on 10/15/2014 08:22:41 PM

Thank you so much for your generosity, not only this year, but in years past! We managed to raise approximately $25,000 for Rotary Foundation. That money then goes back in to the community in various ways. Thank you, thank you! Juanita Carstens, President Enumclaw Rotary

Jane E.  Gave to Enumclaw Rotary Club
on 10/15/2014 06:33:43 PM

Dear Mr. Dean Weyer & Company- Thank you for your generous donation to the Rainier Foothills Swim Team. We are so grateful to you for your support of our youth swimming program. Your donation of $6,000.00 will allow our swimmers to continue training and competing with other area and regional swim clubs. It also allows us to purchase much-needed new starting blocks to continue providing om athletes with the skills they will need to learn and compete at high levels. We consistently have a high percentage of swimmers qualify in both the Pacific Northwest Swimming Short and Long Course Championships at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way. This letter should sever as a verification of our nonprofit status. Rainier Foothills Swim Team is a 501(3)c nonprofic organization and our tax ID number is 91-1617346. Should you need more information, please contact our club treasurer, Cheri Driessen at [email protected] We greatly appreciate your support of our Rainier Foothills Swim Team. Our philosophy is to have fun and swim fast which is possible only through the support of generous members of our community. Happy Swimming! Felicia Horan Board of Directors President Rainier Foothills Swim Team

Felicia P.  
on 01/08/2014 08:47:18 PM

Dear Friends: You make a positive difference in our community! Thank you for your $500 donation to the Auburn Valley Y's 2013 Annual Support Campaign. At the Y, we believe that lasting personal and social change happens when we all work together. Every day we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to be healthy, confident, connected and secure. When you give to the Y, you are funding life-changing programs that help children, adults and families in your community to learn, grow and thrive. People like Collin. Since the age of two, Collin had a severe weight problem. At seven-years-old Collin decided he wanted to go on a diet because he weighed over 150 pounds. Collin participated in a Youth Fitness Training at the Y and, with the support of his family, began to change his lifestyle. He lost 30 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and was able to play sports with his friends. His parents said, "The doctor was amazed. It made us cry to hear her explain to Collin that he had added 20 years to his life." Thank you again for your generous commitment to the YMCA -- you have made an invaluable investment in our shared future. Please contact me at [email protected] or 253.876.7550 if you have any questions about our programs, or would like to see your donation at work. Sincerely, Jason Berry Branch Executive

Dena W.  
on 01/08/2014 08:35:44 PM

Thanks to your generosity and that of the many friends of the White River Education Foundation, the 2013 Oktoberfest was a huge success! Over 250 guests attended the Oktoberfest Dinner/Auction. The funds raised will be used toward the completion of the Accessible Playground at Mountain Meadow Elementary School. Additional funds raised will provide scholarships for students of the White River School District. Thank you for your donated item(s) and/or cash donation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please contact a qualified tax professional for more information. As required by the IRS, the White River Education Foundation acknowledges that you have not received any goods or services as a result of your donation. Again, thank you. We extend our deepest gratitude and hope we can count on your support in the future. Sincerely, Annie Roehr, Auction Chair White River Education Foundation

Tiana G.  
on 01/08/2014 08:13:58 PM

Dear Helac Corporation, We would like to personally express “A HEART FELT THANK YOU" for your generous donation to the EHS Youth Heart Screening Event put on by the Nick of Time Foundation. Your support made it possible for 321 youth ages 14-24 to attend this event for "FREE" ? !!! The 30 min. screening included a BP station, a detailed family heart history, a 12 Lead EKG- reviewed on-site with a Cardiologist, and an ECHO if needed. The students received CPR & AED training and each student left with a baseline of their heart health. The combined efforts of volunteers (medical & non-medical), in-kind and financial donations made this event a success! Due to all of your efforts 9 youth were identified as needing follow up and/ or monitoring. These screenings are saving lives... "ln the Nick of Time", it would not have been possible without YOUR DONATION & the support from the Enumclaw community! The awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth is the goal and prevention is the key! Please know that your involvement in this event helped to save lives, which makes Enumclaw a proactive Heart Healthy community! ? Warmest Regards, Carol Gunderson-Nilsen (Enumclaw Community Champion Volunteer) Mike Nelson (Enumclaw School District Superintendent)

Darla V.  
on 01/08/2014 08:01:56 PM

Thank you very much for your tax deductible gift of $5,000.00 in support of the Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation, and representing your Sponsorship of the Holiday Fantasy Auction to be held on December 6, 2013, at Emerald Downs in Auburn. This letter is a receipt for your Check#81218 in that amount. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. The Federal Tax ID number for Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation is 91-1192604. The Gala has raised more than $2.4 million over the past 22 years to support vital hospital equipment, programs and services to the Plateau's growing community. Last year we were able to fund the Care Van, which takes patients with no means of transportation to local healthcare appointments free of charge. In addition, we funded the monthly Mobile Dental Van for another year, which provides free dental care to low- income children and adults, the homeless and others who have urgent dental care needs and lack insurance or a realistic way to pay for treatment. As always, we welcome and encourage your suggestions, comments and assistance. Tell us your ideas of how we may better serve our communities' healthcare needs or volunteer your time at one of our local community events. To find out how you can help, please log on to our website at www.enumclawrhf.org or contact the Foundation office at 360-802-3206. Again, thank you for your generous gift and support. The Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation could not have the impact it does without you! Warmest regards, Rene' Papke Executive Director

on 01/08/2014 06:26:25 PM

I would like to personally thank you on behalf of Chinook Little League for your support this 2013 Spring season. We fielded 40 teams with 463 kids! Our kids learned the value of teamwork and improved on their baseball/fastpitch skills. While all teams enjoyed a successful season, I would like to point out that our boys Majors 50/70 team and our girls fastpitch Majors team each won their respective Tournament of Champions for District 10 Little League. Again, thank you for your support of Chinook Little League! We look forward to many more seasons of us working together. Sincerely, Eric Thomas, Chinook Little League, Sponsorship Director

Mike N.  
on 01/03/2014 01:34:59 PM

At the regular board meeting held November 18, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Enumclaw School District officially accepted your donation of $1,000 to be used for the Robotics Club at Enumclaw High School. Thank you for your generous gift to our district. You continue to make a difference to our students and to our community. We truly appreciate your support and wonderful generosity. Sincerely, Michael Nelson Superintendent

James L.  
on 01/03/2014 01:26:32 PM