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We are honored to be joining a community of like-minded businesses giving back and banding together to make a collective impact by using a shared tool that benefits nonprofits locally and across the country. Using a shared cloud-based tool lowers the cost of administration for organizations seeking corporate and employee contributions. We invite you to join us!

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Dollars for Do'ers

Dollars for Doers

Foss Maritime has a long tradition of corporate and business citizenship. Community service is a core value of our company and we want to encourage and support the volunteering efforts of our employees through the Dollars for Do’ers program. Dollars for Do’ers allows us to recognize the volunteerism of our employees with cash matching grants.

When an employee volunteers with an eligible nonprofit for at least 15 hours, Foss will provide a $250 cash grant to that organization. Employees may request two grants each year for a total of $500.

Volunteering does not need to take place at the same organization, but the cash grant only applies when you have completed at least 15 volunteer hours to a specific organization. To submit a request for the $250 grant, click the “Submit Request”  button on this page or see more detailed instructions below. The second $250 grant can be applied to the same organization or a different one, as long as the additional 15 hours are completed.


Track Your Hours:

Track your volunteerism hours.  Keep a record of the nonprofit organization name, email point of contact, days and hours volunteered.   You may track your hours in the manner best suited for you.  The hours do not need to be tracked in GIVINGtrax.

Submit a Dollars for Doers Request:

1. Create your own GIVINGtrax account

  • Click the “Connect” button beneath our logo on this page
  • Choose “Employee” in the dropdown list, then click “Submit.”
  • You will receive an email notice when your account has been approved. Please wait until you receive the email notification before proceeding with the next step.

You only need to do this ONE time.

2.  To start, please be sure you are not already logged into GIVINGtrax.  First, visit this page and click on the green "Submit Request" button.

3.  You will be redirected to log-in.  Log in with your email and password.

4.  Next, you will see the request form.  If you do not see the form or are redirected back to the Foss giving page, please log-out, refresh your browser,and begin with step 2.

Complete the request form with the following information:

  • Recipient Information: If the recipient is not already registered in GIVINGtrax, please add them and include an email userid of an employee that works at the organization. They will be notified to complete their account registration.
  • Type of Donation: Select “Dollars for Do’ers”
  • Amount: Enter $250
  • Make desired selections for remaining fields
  • Comments field: Enter the date and time when you volunteered and the total hours volunteered or attach a copy of the recorded hours or spreadsheet.


For questions on using GIVINGtrax, please contact:

[email protected]

Or, click "More Options" to chat from the "Get Help" tab.

Employee Match Gifts

Employee Match Gifts

Foss is pleased to offer a charitable employee matching gifts program in support of organizations that have strong relationships with our employees.  Foss will match employee donations to eligible 501C3 nonprofit organizations and schools, dollar for dollar up to $1,000 each year.  

Below is a summary of the matching gifts program:

  • Employee Matching Gifts Rate:  100% dollar for dollar
  • Minimum Donation:  $1.00
  • Foss will Match up to $1,000 per employee per calendar year
  • The recipient organization or school must be a valid U.S. 501(C)(3)
  • For larger contributions, Foss will match the first $1,000 donated   
  • Full-time, regular employees who have worked for Foss a minimum of six months and are not on disciplinary or extended performance probation are eligible to participate

Foss reserves the right to approve or deny donation requests at our sole discretion.


Submit an Employee Matching Gifts Request:

Matching Process:  Foss uses GIVINGtrax to process matching gifts. Employees can contribute and apply for matching contributions two ways.

  • Employees give to the charity of their choice online through
  • Employees either writes a check to a non-profit organization or contributes online directly to their charity.  Employees must then request the match through GIVINGtrax and attach a copy of the receipt showing the original contribution.  

Steps to Connect with us in GIVINGtrax:

If you received an email notification with credentials, you have already been registered and connected to us in GIVINGtrax.  If you are unsure, you may contact GIVINGtrax at [email protected]  to check.  If you need to register, please follow steps 1-3 below:

1.  Visit to login with the credentials provided to you.  If you do not yet have an account, choose the option to register, then proceed to steps 2 and 3.

For steps 2 and 3, you first create an individual GIVINGtrax account.  Then, you request to connect to us as an employee.  Once we approve the connection request, the matching programs will activate on your dashboard.

2.  After creating your GIVINGtrax account, visit our public page and click on the "connect"  next to our logo.  If you are not logged-in, you will be redirected to log-in.  After logging in, you will land back on our page.  If you were redirected to log-in first, you may need to click on the "connect" button, again.

3.  Choose "employee" in the dropdown list, then "submit".

You will receive an email notice when the employee connection has been approved.  Please wait until you receive the notification before proceeding with the next step.  

You only need to do this ONE time.

Steps to Submit an Employee Matching Gifts Request in GIVINGtrax:

4.  Login to GIVINGtrax using the link in the top menu bar or by visiting:

5.  If you desire to make a donation through GIVINGtrax, search for nonprofit wishes or the desired nonprofit in the community search area. Then click on "CLICK N GIVE".  You will see the Foss Employee Matching Gift Progam listed.  If multiple programs are listed, choose the desired option and select "CLICK N GIVE" a second time.  Enter the desired donation details.  

All donations made in GIVINGtrax will be automatically matched.  No further action is required.   

6.  If you made a donation outside of GIVINGtrax and wish for us to match it, please follow these steps:

Login by visiting:

After logging in, you will see a "request matching gift" button on your dashboard.

- Click on the request match button

- Choose "no"

- Select or add the recipient charity 

- Click "save & continue"

- Enter the amount & date

- Attach a receipt showing verification of the original donation made by you.

-Click "save to dashboard" (this will save the donation to your dashboard under the "my donations" tab)

- On your dashboard, choose "submit for match" on the donation you just added

- Select the matching gift program

- Select "save & continue"

- select "complete request"

You will see your donation on the "my donations" tab and the matching gift request to Foss on the "my requests" tab.  When the donation is approved, you will receive an email notification.

Foss reserves the right to approve or deny donation requests at our sole discretion. 


For questions on using GIVINGtrax, please contact:

[email protected]

Or, click "More Options" to chat from the "Get Help" tab.

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Community Impact

Foss Maritime Company has a long-standing commitment of giving back to our surrounding communities. Our Corporate Giving Program is designed to honor our corporate responsibility as an employer to make contributions back to the communities in which we operate and live. We support local organizations through several means: corporate charitable contributions, volunteer activities, in-kind giving and matching gift contributions.

GIVINGtrax is a trusted source for processing donations through an online application process. Foss has partnered with GIVINGtrax to more effectively process donation requests we receive.

The Foss Maritime Company giving guidelines are structured around the following key areas of focus:

  • Arts   
  • Community
  • Education
  • Environment, Conservation and Animal Welfare
  • Medical
  • Youth in Maritime                          


Eligibility & Restrictions

Foss awards contributions to organizations that have been approved by the IRS as 501(c)(3) charities and government institutions.  We target our support to specific projects or programs that enhance the scope of services offered by an organization.  Our contributions are seldom used to support administration operating costs or related capital campaigns.  


Criteria for Eligibility

Organizations that meet the funding priorities criteria above should apply online through GIVINGtrax, by following the online instructions for site registration and application submission. 

Foss reserves the right to approve or deny donation requests at our sole discretion.



In this program, Foss generally does not award grants to:

  • Organizations that do not have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Religious organizations unless the project benefits the community
  • Organizations whose overhead budget exceeds 30%
  • Endowments or debt-reducing campaigns
  • Anti-business groups
  • Team sponsorships, athletic sponsorships, fundraising competitions and golf tournaments
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, military status or disability.  


In-Kind Giving

Operating companies are encouraged to provide in-kind giving. In-kind donations of equipment, facilities, technical resources and volunteers are made when possible. All requests for in-kind contributions will be evaluated based on Foss Maritime’s availability of material resources and manpower.


Dollars for Do’ers & Matching Gift Program

In addition to in-kind giving, Foss participates in Dollars for Do’ers, a cash-matching program to support employee volunteerism activities, and has an established Foss Matching Gift Program. For more information about these programs, please click on the tabs above


Click here for access to the full Foss Maritime Company Corporate Giving Guidelines. 

About Us

Based in Seattle, Washington, Foss offers a complete range of maritime transportation and logistics services. Whether it’s solving transportation challenges in remote parts of the world or efficiently handling everyday harbor jobs, Foss prides itself on always offering customers safe and innovative solutions.

 For more than a century, Foss Maritime has set the standard for marine transportation with leading edge technology, engineering, and shipbuilding. Combining global reach with local expertise, Foss is recognized for its state-of-the-art fleet, experienced and dedicated crews, knowledgeable customer service staff, and world-class engineers.


For questions on using GIVINGtrax, please contact:

[email protected]

Or, click "More Options" to chat from the "Get Help" tab.

Giving Criteria

We Give:
Local, Regional
50 Miles
Max Amount:
Donation Gift:
Cash, Auction Item, In-Kind, Gift Basket , Gift Certificate, Volunteer Labor

Special Instructions:
Requests must include disclosure of the organizations overhead percentage as it relates to your overall budget. If this is not disclosed, the request will not be considered. Organizations with an overhead of greater than 30% are not eligible to apply.

We Support:

 Arts, Culture & Humanities
 Health Care
 Mental Health & Crisis Intervention
 Voluntary Health Associations & Medical Disciplines
 Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
 Housing & Shelter
 Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief
 Youth Development
 Human Services
 Community Improvement & Capacity Building
 Public & Societal Benefit
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Arts & Culture
 Cultural & Ethnic Awareness
 Folk Arts
 Arts Education
 Community Celebrations
 Art Museums
 Children's Museums
 History Museums
 Natural History & Natural Science Museums
 Science & Technology Museums
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Elementary & Secondary Schools
 Primary & Elementary Schools
 Secondary & High Schools
 Special Education
 Charter Schools
 Vocational & Technical Schools
 Higher Education
 Two-Year Colleges
 Undergraduate Colleges
 Graduate & Professional Schools
 Adult Education
 Student Services
 Scholarships & Student Financial Aid
 Educational Services
 Remedial Reading & Encouragement
 Parent & Teacher Groups
 Education N.E.C.
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Support N.E.C.
 Pollution Abatement & Control
 Natural Resources Conservation & Protection
 Water Resources, Wetlands Conservation & Management
 Land Resources Conservation
 Energy Resources Conservation & Development
 Forest Conservation
 Environmental Education
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Support N.E.C.
 Animal Protection & Welfare
 Wildlife Preservation & Protection
 Protection of Endangered Species
 Bird Sanctuaries
 Fisheries Resources
 Wildlife Sanctuaries
 Veterinary Services
 Zoos & Aquariums
 Animal Services N.E.C.
 Animal Training
 Animal-Related N.E.C.
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Employment Preparation & Procurement
 Vocational Counseling
 Job Training
 Vocational Rehabilitation
 Goodwill Industries
 Sheltered Employment
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Alliances & Advocacy
 Single Organization Support
 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
 Marine Science & Oceanography
 Military & Veterans Organizations
Foss Corporate
1151 Fairview Ave N.
Seattle, WA, 98109
Phone: 206.281.3800
[email protected]

Giving Partners

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Gig Harbor BoatShop thanks Foss Corporate Giving for its generous donation to support the Maritime Mentorship Program (MMP). The MMP is a unique program that pairs paid interns with a master shipwright in a unique one-on-one environment that is designed to provide a glimpse into maritime trades and to foster an appreciation for boatbuilding and restoration. The program would not be possible without support from Foss. Foss' contribution will support the third project, restoring a 1941 16' Chris-Craft 101 Deluxe. Thank you Foss!

on 11/01/2017 05:31:16 PM

Thank you Foss! We are so thrilled that you're sponsoring tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain for the 2017 Festival of Sail. On behalf of all of us- crew, staff, and board- thank you for supporting maritime workforce development and getting young people to sea. Your gift makes a huge difference in the lives of many children, youth, and adults, and we couldn't be more excited to have your support for Festival of Sail. We will see you there!

Brandi B.  
on 05/04/2017 11:30:55 AM

Thank you to Foss Maritime Company for your support of United Way of King County's 2015 Day of Caring and for all you do to build a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable.

AnnaClaire L.  Gave to United Way of King County
on 08/26/2015 11:16:31 AM

We are thrilled to have received the news that Foss has joined in support of Sound Experience and the schooner Adventuress with your extraordinary sponsorship of $5,000. Thank you from all of us! It also means that Foss has a table of 10 at the event, so we'd love to know with whom we should be in touch about that, and sharing with the world your wonderful support. Can you kindly let me know to whom I should chat about this. I can be reached at [email protected] Thank you, again, for this wonderful news. :)

Catherine C.  Gave to SOUND EXPERIENCE
on 08/25/2015 02:31:13 PM

Thank you for supporting Maltby Elementary Students.

Susan G.  Gave to Maltby Parent Teacher Organization
on 12/09/2014 05:50:42 PM


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