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School Business Partnerships (SBP) facilitates quality partnerships between the business community and schools in the Anchorage School District, benefiting all students and staff.


As the SBP Board of Directors looks to the future, it is apparent that necessary changes to the data collection process must be made.  SBP strives to make sound decisions and develop efficient practices, relying on accurate data as the baseline.  Accurate data will allow SBP to make data driven, organizational decisions; align partnerships with school specific goals; strengthen partnerships; and increase efficiency.


The SBP Executive Director will work with the Director of Education Technology to identify and implement a new software to manage SBP’s partnership information and data.  The Executive Director will serve as the lead in this project and the Director of Education Technology will serve as the expert advisor.

This new software and process will benefit principals, school coordinators and the business partners alike.  It will serve as a tool for schools in their relationships with partners, improve efficiency and quality of data.  Principals and school coordinators will gain easier access to partner information and business partners will gain access to their volunteer and donation information (which they previously have not been able to easily access).


There are several steps to get the software implemented and SBP will be able to utilize the data that will be gathered.

  1. Research and select software

  2. Run demonstration of the software at the three grade levels: elementary, middle and high school

  3. Spring and summer transition from current system to new system

    • The transition will include integrating the new system into the school district data viewing system

  4. Training of school district staff in Fall 2018

  5. First year of implementation 2018-2019 school year

  6. First round of district wide data collection and analysis in January 2019


The implementation of a new data collection software tool will positively impact all parties involved in SBP.  Principals will be able to strategically form new and existing partnerships to further student success, aligning partnerships to support district backed goals.  Business and Community partners will be able to see the results of their time and resource investments through actual data results.  The SBP Executive Director will be able to create and access accurate data reports in a timely manner.  The SBP Board of Directors will be able to utilize data to make organizational decisions.

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