How GivingTrax Works for Schools

Step 1. Register

Getting started is easy, first sign up. All you need is your email id to register and see how awesome GivingTrax is!

  • No software to install and no I/T required
  • No credit card needed to register. Nonprofits do not pay to use GivingTrax.
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Step 2. Edit GivingTrax Page

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GivingTrax helps you get started with a standard page. To tailor your page, just click on “edit”. This is a great place to share your story and to showcase your impact.

  • Add your logo and a hero or banner image
  • Update your giving profile to describe your reach and fundraising preferences
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Finish your Profile

Before using GivingTrax to fundraise, complete your profile by adding information about your school on the “edit profile” tabs. You can enhance your profile with as much information as you like!

  • Click the “green” validation button to confirm your status, if you are a 501(C)(3)
  • Update your giving profile with applicable NTEE codes
  • Add your Board of Directors, leadership and history
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Step 3. Share using Facebook, Twitter, Email

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Link your social media accounts, such as facebook and twitter so you can fundraise & share donations in real-time with your fans, employees, and service recipients.

  • Connect Facebook and Twitter
  • Add “CLICK n’GIVE” Widget to your facebook page and website
  • Pull your GivingTrax page into your website
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Manage Donation Requests!

You’re now ready to manage donation requests using GivingTrax. Just visit member pages in GivingTrax to submit a request. It will land on their dashboard and you’ll be notified when it is approved.

  • Submit requests to member businesses
  • View the status, “say thanks”, post a receipt, and share
  • Save time – raise more
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Connect to employees, customers and one another!

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GivingTrax allows you to connect to your employees, donors and supporters so you can share what matters most! If you want to do more, add GivingTrax to your website as an i-frame. It’s easy – we provide the instructions and code to link!

  • Increase donor, volunteer, and supporter loyalty
  • Add the “CLICK n’GIVE” widget to your facebook page and website
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