MyTrax for Employees

Employee Volunteerism Tracking & Matching Software

MyTrax offers the ability to track employee volunteer hours and enables employees to collect and share their social impact.

When used with  branded pages, MyTrax provides the ability to crowd-source and share the social impact of your workforce.

MyTrax Employee Volunteerism

MyTrax is mobile responsive software providing an easy way for employees to record and share volunteerism activities.  

Increase employee engagement by encouraging employees to post and share volunteerism activity on their MyTrax page. 

MyTrax offers employees the ability to create and share their individual social impact, thir social good resume.

For the first time, companies have a way to gain insight into employee volunteerism even if you choose not to offer volunteerism matching. 

Combined with branded pages, GivingTrax allows companies to see & share your total impact. 

Collect and share stories posted by employees and the causes they care about.

Employees want to work for companies that are making a difference and they want to see their social impact.

MyTrax™ offers employees the ability to share their volunteerism hours and social impact stories with employers.

Track and Share

Empower employees to record volunteerism with an easy-to-use mobile-ready tool to track & share activities.  Even if you don’t match, you gain insight into employee volunteerism.

Volunteer Matching

Encourage volunteerism through paid volunteerism time and matching volunteerism hours with dollars to the organization.  Flexible match options work with any program criteria.

Volunteer Events

Create & track volunteerism events and RSVPs.  Increase participation by allowing employees to create & share events.

Social Networking Experience

Provide employees the ability to create and share volunteerism and impact stories.

Volunteer Opportunities

Encourage volunteerism by providing an easy way to find volunteer opportunities.

Crowd Source Your Impact

When used with CSRTrax branded, MyTrax allows businesses to see & share their employee volunteerism hours and social impact.  Collect & share stories on your GivingTrax page, intranet and website.  

MyTrax allows employees to track their volunteer hours and request matching grants.

  • Track Volunteerism Hours
  • Dollars for Doers Matching
  • Flexible Match Rates
  • Maintain Access When Changing Jobs
  • Mobile
  • Collect & Share Impact Stories

MyTrax™ enhances GivingTrax Cloud Software

MyTrax for tracking volunteer hours, donations, and sharing social impact stories does not require a GivingTrax Business Membership, however, MyTrax provides added capabilities to business members who wish to encourage employee giving and volunteerism by offering programs, such as Matching Gift Programs, Dollars for Doers Programs, paid time to volunteer.

When used with employee giving and volunteerism programs managed in GivingTrax, MyTrax allows employees to easily track all donations, even when some are made off-line. MyTrax allows employees to easily add a donation made outside of GivingTrax, save it to their dashboard, and then to submit the request for the employer Matching Gift program.

MyTrax allows employees to track their volunteer hours, saving a record of the volunteerism activity to their dashboard and offers the ability to submit a request for the applicable volunteerism program, such as Dollars for Doers.

Your employees enjoy an engaging experience while tracking their donations and volunteerism. Collecting and sharing impact stories helps to preserve a memorable event. Employees are able to maintain access to their dashboard even when changing jobs.

Increase Participation with Volunteer Matching

Create & administer employee volunteerism matching programs with flexible matching options.  

Encourage reporting of volunteerism hours with an easy-to-use mobile ready employee dashboard.

Empower Employees
Empower employees with the ability to maintain access to their MyTrax dashboard when changing jobs.

Corporate Controls
Enjoy flexible controls to administer the employee experience and dashboard capabilities.

Vetted Charities
Easily restrict employee volunteerism to eligible recipient organization using various criteria or import your list of authorized recipients. Standard configuration criteria are available for selecting items such as geographic location, cause category, standing and charitable status.  

Fully Branded Employee Dashboards
Extend your brand image to employee dashboards with easy-to-use GivingTrax styling controls.

Understand your impact and causes employees care about with advanced reporting including drill-down and the ability to download data are standard capabilities.

Process Workflow
Configure and set desired workflows for each program. 

GivingTrax is flexible so you don’t have to be.

Social Sharing for Employees

Have you ever wanted to know & promote the total social impact of your company?
With GivingTrax, you see it on your dashboard. GivingTrax allows you to automatically aggregate and share total giving, volunteerism, and crowd-sourced impact stories to your GivingTrax page.
Choose to share all, none, or some. You have total control.