Community Giving & Sponsorships

GivingTrax empowers you to support communities where your employees live and work. Connect to causes you care about and share your impact as it unfolds.

With GivingTrax, it's easy to:
Manage all aspects of community giving, local sponsorships and in-kind contributions in one place with easy-to-use cloud software.
With GivingTrax, you will enjoy:
Have flexible controls that allow you to easily manage giving & sponsorship programs on a market-by-market basis across many locations.
With GivingTrax, you can:
Set common criteria for local giving and sponsorship programs including geographic giving zones to support the communities where your employees live and work.

Enjoy central oversight, flexible program management, and robust reporting to simplify administration of both global and local programs. 

Central oversight allows you to easily create & replicate programs to manage community giving & sponsorships across all company locations including setting specific criteria such as geo-location and other eligibility requirements.

GivingTrax supports large retailer and consumer brands Community Giving Programs with easy to use Cloud Software tools to manage donation and sponsorship requests at the store level, yet allow brands to aggregate and share total community giving across all locations.  

An intuitive dashboard allows store managers to view and approve local requests for donations and sponsorships to nearby schools, nonprofits and community organizations.

Geo-location allows you to create “giving zones” around store or company locations.  If the recipient organization is located within your giving zone and meets your other criteria, their request will be allowed through to your dashboard view.    Optionally, you may set auto-blocking to have system generated declines.

Your corporate giving zone can be as narrow as a 1-mile radius around each store or company location.

Larger enterprises may set corporate controls, then delegate local management of requests.

You can replicate just about anything across all your locations, even public content on your dedicated pages instantly.    All locations roll-up to corporate so you can view and selectively share cumulative real-time corporate philanthropy and community engagement across your entire enterprise.

  • Authorize Users by Location or Group
  • Set and Track Multiple Budgets by Location
  • View all Locations or Filter to Specific Location
  • Re-assign requests to a sub-location or group
  • Replicate Criteria with One-Click
  • Replicate all Program Content with One-Click

High Volume got you down?
You know who you are… Some companies receive extremely high volumes of requests daily, week after week.  You can now breathe easier with options to activate system-generated declines based on a variety of criteria.

Auto-scoring of applications ensures your team focuses on those that are aligned with company goals.   Optionally, you may turn on auto-decline of requests that are outside of the desired range.  

Choose to insert standard forms into your application or use the forms builder to create desired applications.  In most cases, if you share your current application, we can build it to include in demos of the system. 

Requests display in an easy-to-use list within a table.   

Keep your queue in order with a flexible queue manager.  Search, filter and quick links allow management of even the largest volume queues.

View donation request details to see all the information you need, right at your fingertips.  Approve, decline or defer Requests with ease.   

Quick links make it easy to view & share information such as requesting details, editing, accessing business admin controls, along with printing & emailing.  Additionally, using biz admin controls, you may assign budgets; attach additional documents and track fulfillment & Impact.

Standard options for evaluating applicants include:  Approve, Decline, Defer, and for those requiring specific workflows, Advance (to the next step).

Customizable acknowledgment approval, defer and decline messages are auto-sent as actions take place in the system.   GivingTrax ensures that applicants receive a confirmation message, tracking number and estimated timeframe when they may receive a reply.

GivingTrax supports the most robust of workflows larger organizations often need, including the ability to authenticate and set access credentials for multiple users or committees. 

Organization vetting uses both publically available data, such as government-issued certification letters and government charity databases.   

To enhance the experience for recipient organizations and to provide more details for further vetting,   each organization in GivingTrax has the ability to create a profile and public page to share.

The nonprofit or school organization profile includes information about the organization, their government-issued Tax ID number, country-specific certifications or accreditation(s),  and a complete history of all their prior tax returns.

Flexible notification settings ensure the right people on your team are notified when action is needed on a donation request.


Branded Pages

Create and share a customized page that reflects your brand image and community giving programs.  GivingTrax allows you to share your company’s impact as you approve requests with real-time updates to your page.   

Branded pages allow you to start accepting donation applications without the need to update your company website.

Optionally, embed GivingTrax or add a link to your new application form directly on your website allowing applicants to complete requests online.

GivingTrax makes it easy to see & share your social impact with branded pages

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