Do you know the things that your non profit should be gearing up for in 2013 regarding your internet marketing, social media, and in both your corporate and individual fundraising efforts?
Here are a couple ways to get started:
First, mobile giving and mobile fundraising.    Yes, it can be very expensive, but their are options for mobile fundraising that are free, such as your dedicated page in GIVINGtrax®, which is mobile enabled.
Next, your website also needs to be viewable on multiple mobile devices – that means it should be using current HTML5 technology, at the very least.    Visiting your website on multiple devices is going to be the dominant way to browse.
Non profits need to focus on fundraising  where your fans are hanging out – for many, that means within Facebook.  It is no longer reasonable to expect donors to visit your dedicated page, and the tens of other dedicated pages for other nonprofits they want to support.  If you focus on making it easier for them to give, you’ll drive increased donations.   What’s greats about GIVINGtrax® for non profits, is that we provide you with a donation button that can be placed on your fan page and on the pages of your fans.  It’s easy to do by simply copying and pasting code that is created for you in GIVINGtrax®.
Finally, non profits should invest in visual media to maximize attention for your cause.  Donors want immediate impact.  Keep 140 characters in mind and share a brief update with a moving picture or video shot from your mobile phone.  It’s real and impactful.
You can learn more by clicking the link below:
5 Predictions for 2013 [Non-profit 2.0]