Only six percent of consumers today agree with Milton Friedman’s famous contention that the role of business in society is simply  “To make money”

According to Cone and Echo’s 2011 global CSR report, consumers today have a much higher expectation of companies.  When asked the question, “What is the role of business in society?” a global sample of consumers answered in the following ways:

6% -Just make money
13%- Play a limited role in the community
20%- Support larger issues with donations & time
30%- Support larger issues with donations & time and advocate for change
31%- Change the way they operate to align with the greater social and environmental needs.

So my question to you is – How do you view the role of business in society?

Here at GIVINGtrax®, we believe that small and mid-size businesses play a huge role in creating & shaping our local communities.  That’s why we’ve built a cloud network for business giving. We provide web-based & mobile-based tools for businesses to manage donations, and share their impact. In a way, we play “matchmaker” to local businesses, nonprofits, schools, and youth sports teams, to make the process easier and to promote businesses giving back.

About the research- The 2011 Cone-Echo Global CR Opportunity Study presents the results of an online random sample survey conducted June 1-12 2011 by Echo Research. The Survey was administered in 10 countries – the United States, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, China, India, and Japan.  For more information, or to see the full study, please visit: