Nestled away in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle was just named the number one most charitable city in the nation! Although, Seattle is known for software, coffee, and drizzly weather more than its charitable giving, it’s aiming to become a tech center to solve social and environmental issues.  GIVINGtrax® is helping to pave the way by offering cloud software making it easy to give back at work!

GIVINGtrax® cloud software is the largest network of businesses giving back!   We make it easy to give back at work.  GIVINGtrax includes  web-based & mobile-based software tools for managing corporate philanthropy, giving back programs, community donations, and employee engagement through matching gifts and volunteerism. The robust marketing and PR-engine allows corporations and smaller businesses to promote their impact in real-time.  Giving back at work has never been easier!

We’re pleased to share GIVINGtrax is enterprise ready and already supports a number of corporate clients, along with many businesses in the auto, restaurant, and insurance industries.

Join the largest network of businesses giving back and share your impact!