Cars, Cause Marketing & Guerilla Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand, but Corporate Philanthropy?

Cars, Cause Marketing & Guerilla Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand, but Corporate Philanthropy?

Galpin Ford is the number one volume Ford dealer in the world.  If you’re wondering what their secret formula to success is? ….It is corporate philanthropy and giving back to the communities in which they serve.

Galpin Motors started 60 years ago in one small showroom with three cars. It has grown into a powerhouse that includes…. get this, a Starbucks Coffee store and a restaurant along with lots of cars, trucks and SUVs.

Bert Boeckmann was a student at USC when he began working in sales for Galpin. In the beginning he sold Nashes and took a liking to sales. Within six years he quickly became a manager and then bought the company outright. Bert grew Galpin Motors to ten locations and grew sales to become Ford Automotive’s Number #1 dealership Worldwide!

What makes Galpin Motors truly unique is its long history […]

Giving Back Fuels Growth Despite of Economic Downturn

“Giving Back Fuels Growth Despite of Economic Downturn”

Upon arriving at work one Thursday morning early in the economic downturn, Erica Ash learned this was to be her last day.  Like so many firms, their company suddenly closed its doors. Little did Erica know she would be the founder of a new firm two days later…

A chance appointment to update her Last Will & Testament just happened to be with a Start-Up Attorney.  His advice to Erica upon hearing her firm closed…why not start your own firm?

From one ordinary office workday to the next, Ash Consulting opened its financial consulting doors.   That was in 2009, and since then, Ash Consulting has assisted numerous firms with interim accounting leadership and/or project support.

From the start, Ash Consulting focused on providing high-quality service to local organizations while simultaneously giving back to the community.  As a direct result, Ash Consulting […]

Brown & Brown Insurance of Tacoma Spooks it up by Giving Back

Brown & Brown Insurance in Tacoma knows how to do Halloween. From the moment their employees & customers step off the elevator into the spookway, they are entranced. What’s all the fuss about?

This is Brown & Brown’s way of engaging employees in giving back. A fun day is in store as Brown & Brown kicks off their United Way workplace giving campaign, with haunting competitions, fundraising and ghoulish treats.

Who wouldn’t want to work here? President, Bev Losey, says giving back is in the organization’s DNA – inspiring the brown & Brown team to give back through employee giving, matching gifts and corporate philanthropy.

Bev says community impact and philanthropy has directly impacted their growth. Brown & Brown Insurance has operated in Tacoma for several generations – surviving longer that most companies. Now, that is a sustainable company. Maybe it’s the fog they breathe – or perhaps the warm beating heart that fuels them. […]

Community Engagement Fuels Unprecedented Growth for sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt

Community Engagement and Giving Back Fuel Unprecedented Growth for sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt

Washington Auto Dealers Have Long History of Giving Back

The Washington State Auto Dealers Association tracks auto dealers giving back and we found, they give back heavily. Who would have thought that auto dealers are one of the biggest supporters of our communities?  You can see their impact at WSADA. Washington Auto Dealers Give Back

What surprised me the most was how much they are giving back and also to such a wide variety of causes, from Boys & Girls Clubs to Humane Societies. Take Dick Hannah Automotive Group, for example. They have given back over $207,000 just since joining GIVINGtrax. You can view the causes they support through their “Believe in Nice” Campaign at: https://www.givingtrax.com/giving/hannah-motor-company.

The next time you’re in need of a new car, we invite you to check out one of these dealers that are making an impact by giving back to your local community.

What a great opportunity to participate in 9Mile Labs Milestone9

What a great opportunity to participate with our cohort in Milestone9, demo day for the first cohort of 9Mile Labs startup accelerator located in Seattle, WA.

Nine companies of 9Mile LabsCohort I presented their business to a large audience at Seattle’s Bell Harbor Conference Center. Xconomy and Geekwire covered the event. View a great article by Benjamin Romano at Xconomy on the presenting companies. John Cook of Geekwire shared his thoughts on the Milestone 9 cohort.


9Mile Labs Milestone 9 Video

Many thanks for Skip Walter for covering the event and creating a memorable video for the cohort, 9Mile Labs partners, and mentors. We invite you to check out the video.

GIVINGtrax extends special thanks to the 9Mile Labs partners (Tom Casey, Kevin Croy, Enrique […]

Are you Ready for Fall Fundraising Season?

GIVINGtrax sees spike in registrations as fall fundraising season begins.
Are you ready to manage the influx of fundraising requests?  If you’re like most businesses, you are already inundated with donation & fundraising requests and the fall season has just begun.  Join your peers in managing donations through GIVINGtrax&reg and share your impact in real-time.

GIVINGtrax®   helps companies leverage the power of giving to engage employees and foster customer loyalty by offering cloud software to manage corporate philanthropy, community giving, employee engagement and sharing impact. Nonprofits benefit through the collective impact businesses make simply by using a common software tool to manage corporate philanthropy and also through the many social fundraising capabilities GIVINGtrax has to offer.

GIVINGtrax® expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees, customers and the recipient nonprofit or school.

To learn more about GIVINGtrax® visit http://www.givingtrax.com.

Contact us at 206.486.0185 or […]

Online Fundraising on the Rise

Online fundraising is on the rise and now anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone.

Street canvassing, walks, and big galas, while still helpful to garner support for good causes, are no longer the fundraising methods on which nonprofits are solely focus.  Online philanthropy is on the accelerating.   It’s the internet and social fundraising — where anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone screen — that really increases support on a grassroots level.

M+R Strategic Services, a public relations and communications firm working with leading nonprofits, and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), a membership organization of nonprofit professionals using technology for good causes recent study found that more than $438 million online donations from over 6.5 million online gifts were collected throughout 2012.

The growth of online fundraising and online donations has sparked the […]

Current Trends in Corporate Giving

Giving in Numbers, 2012 Edition, a survey of trends in Corporate Giving by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and The Conference Board, of 213 major corporations found that those companies gave nearly $20 billion in donations in 2011.  These donations came in the form of direct cash donations, cash donations through their foundations, non-cash or in-kind donations, and matching gifts, or matching employee donations.

The median corporate giving of all corporations that responded was $21 million, according to the survey and for the 62 respondents in the Fortune 100, median giving was more than $57 million.

Nearly 30 percent of the donations went to health and social service programs, and more than one-quarter went to educational programs stretching from kindergarten through the university years, the survey said.

The survey also found corporations had narrowed their focus, giving larger contributions but to fewer organizations as they became more strategic in […]

Corporate Giving can Engage your Employees and your Company Driving Productivity and Greater Earnings

Corporate Giving can Engage your Employees and your Company Driving Productivity and Greater Earnings

Like spring, corporate giving programs have the ability to create new life and new energy.    Spring is also a time to re-energize and re-engage employees.   Launching a corporate giving program or revitalizing your current corporate giving program is a great way to accelerate the year.

Here are some compelling examples of how corporate giving can engage your employees and your company:

Giving Back Makes People Feel Good

Do you feel better when you help others?  Let’s face it…  it does feel good to help others and when your employees help others through participating in a corporate giving program, it gives them a sense of purpose!  Giving back strengthens your employees view of your company and when your employees are happier as a result of participating in something meaningful and engaging, they’ll form a stronger connection […]

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